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charles, the WhatsApp marketing and commerce software for enterprise and SMBs.

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WhatsApp newsletters
and marketing campaigns

Send out weekly newsletter, discount codes or product launch notifications to your contacts and filter them by personalised tags or opt-in's



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"We get way higher open rates than email. And we can build stronger customer relationships."


Snocks Square

Johannes, CEO of SNOCKS

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Answer questions and solve doubts instantly in chat.

 You can type individual messages or save time and send automated replies to common questions (or when you're out of office).

Small questions. Quick answers. Happy customers 💛

Sell more while you're at it

It's easy to connect your existing ecommerce shop (whether Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware or in-house) with charles to:


  • Look at previous shopping behaviour and suggest related products


  • Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive collection launches and offers


  • Create shopping carts ("Chatout" links) for customers so they can buy in as little as 1 tap


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GDPR compliant and official Meta Partner

Securing your customer information is our first priority. We're based in the EU and so GDPR is central to everything we do. We help you comply and keep your WhatsApp Business rating high.

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With charles, you do it all:


Marketing that's more relevant

Segment your audience very finely – down to location, buying behavior and favorite color – to increase engagement and conversion rate.




Sales that's more personal

Integrate your online shop and drag and drop products straight into chat. Offer products that are truly relevant to each customer.




Support that's always there

Reply to questions, send automated delivery updates and more. Not in email but in chat: the place your customers love to be.