Why WhatsApp marketing for Black Friday 2024?

Why WhatsApp marketing for Black Friday 2024? blog

By Maxine Hess

Writer | WhatsApp marketer | Creative

Thinking about using WhatsApp marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? If you still need some convincing, here's why you shouldn't hold back on WhatsApp any longer. 


In 2021, 10 of our clients sent 23 WhatsApp campaigns and earned a total of €21k in revenue. The revenue per recipient was €1.70. SNOCKS alone earned €15k of this.


In 2022, they smashed these numbers, with some clients earning over €250k and an average RPR across around 100 clients of €3.54.


In 2023, we broke all records again.


On Black Friday 2024, (November 29) we're excited to break more milestones.


Why WhatsApp marketing for your business?

This is a big question, with an answer full of blog posts, but in summary:

💛 It’s personal: this is a space where people talk with family and friends and done right, you'll be seen as a friend too. You build personal relationships here by answering questions, showing you know your customer's needs and preferences and offering exclusive offers. And you can segment very narrowly to make sure you reach engaged people.

💛 It's better than email: WhatsApp messages are quick and easy to draft and, more importantly, go directly to your customers. Opening rates are as big as 90%.

💛 It’s opt in: some are concerned that WhatsApp for businesses is spam but in truth people have to say they want it first. 

💛 It’s GDPR safe: charles is anyway. We’re based in the EU and many of our customers are too: which means they need to comply to GDPR, so it's built into our product. We make sure you get the double opt-ins you need for legal chat and our Success team checks you're compliant on an ongoing basis. See more on WhatsApp and GDPR.

💛 It closes deals: you can integrate your online shop system into WhatsApp and send customers a link in chat that goes straight to the checkout with a full cart.

💛 It's more fun: no more subject lines and pre-headers. Ping customers with short, snappy messages, use an emoji or two, done. And get instant replies! From real people!


Why WhatsApp for your 2024 Black Friday marketing strategy?

It's time to shift from "WhatsApp might be nice to do" to "this year, we do Black Friday in WhatsApp" because:

💛 Your competitors are already on WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a fairly new way of talking to customers – in the EU in particular – but many innovative brands have already been using WhatsApp for over 3 years.


If your competitors aren't there yet, you have a headstart. You show how forward thinking you are, have your customers all to yourself in WhatsApp. While they're busy designing, writing and planning Black Friday emails, you're already dragging and dropping your customers' favorite products into chat.



  • Test out WhatsApp Business as a revenue channel before Christmas and the holiday season. You'll want to be proficient with it by then as more and more companies will be already be experienced WhatsApp, and so will customers. Singles Day is the perfect day for this.
  • Your customers want to talk to you in WhatsApp. They're getting used to the ease of chatting with brands they love in the apps they love and will soon expect this from you, too.


With WhatsApp Business growing all the time, and yet still an untapped opportunity in Europe, this is a good time to make that final push.


Like many of our clients, once you've added WhatsApp to your marketing mix and seen what it can do, you'll soon make it the center of your marketing strategies. 


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