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Introducing charles, the conversational commerce suite for consumer brands

For brands who want to talk and build relationships with their customers.


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A beautiful & intuitive UI that integrates messenger API’s with commerce backend. Bringing your product catalogue & checkout experiences into conversational journeys.

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Icon Subscribe & notify

Get opt-ins, build subscriber lists and notify your customers about new products, campaigns, restock or shipment tracking with opening rates of >95%.


Pioneer notifications beyond E-Mail.


Icon Convert through chats

We help you transform website traffic into 1:1 meaningful conversations for higher conversion rates and lower returns.


Integrate conversation triggers into your shop.


Icon VIP programs

We believe chat can be for retention, what social media is for aquisiton. Offer a personal concierge to your (best) customers. At scale, without login.


Drive customer lifetime value via chat.


Icon Multi-Chat APIs

Integrate into your customers' daily habits. Messenger apps are now 20% bigger than Social Networks.


NEW: WhatsApp for Business API.


Icon Shop integration

Bring your product catalogue & checkout experiences into conversational journeys. Always stay in sync with your commerce backend.


A new revenue channel. Ready to connect.


Icon Clever Automation

Pure chatbot automation often leads to frustrated consumers. That's why we help to optimize human-machine collaboration.


Have meaningful conversations at scale.


Icon Template Studio

As a good website, a good chat depends on how you present yourself. Make it easy for humans & bots to know what to say.


Discover our new drag & drop system.

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customer-centric businesses.

Start-up program

For businesses with <50 employees and a drive to pioneer conversational commerce

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Customize your products and get the right plan for your business

With our own testlab we

identify problems before

our customers do

We’ve built Europe’s #1 WhatsApp store, where customers can buy everyday basics like chatting with a friend. They thoroughly enjoyed the experiences. But making that possible was really hard, as no software fitted our needs - one that focuses on actually selling in chat and having a conversation like we are used to in the store. That’s why we started building our own. See the brand here: www.hey-charles.com

Andreas & Addy, Co-CEO

“What was your charles


Our customers can talk to their nail expert friend through the chat to find out which nails they should get or how they can apply them best. Our customers loved it. In our first Whats app sales events, we had 20x more sales than over email. Why have we wasted so much time in newsletters over the last months? 🤗

Georg & Max, Co-Founders

“What was your charles


We do premium wood furniture, everything handmade. When we started with Charles I was sure that it's gonna be the replacement for our email newsletter and provide a better service channel where clients can talk directly with the founder of Woodboom. Now 70% of our sales are done over Whatsapp.

Mischa, CEO


We enable the full potential of your sales processes and provide you with the latest and up-to-date integrations from Messengers and Shop systems. Can’t find your tool here? Just give us a chat. 💬
  • WhatsApp


  • Messenger


  • Shopify


  • WooCommerce


    under construction
  • Shopware


    under construction
  • DialogFlow


  • Spryker


    under construction
  • GMB


  • Slack



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