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Marketing trends: What's a WhatsApp newsletter?

Marketing trends: What's a WhatsApp newsletter?

WhatsApp newsletters explained. Plus our top tips for how to do WhatsApp marketing the right way.

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Wiki: WhatsApp for enterprise: the good, the bad, how to get started

WhatsApp for business is big and getting bigger. But is it good for big businesses? Specifically, those with 100,000s of customers, or complex B2B enterprises? The answer is: absolutely, yes. Here's everything you need to know about WhatsApp and enterprises.

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WhatsApp marketing: What is it? How does it work? Why start in 2023?

You may have seen that businesses like adidas, Absolut Vodka and Air France now use WhatsApp for marketing. If you're thinking of WhatsApp marketing for your business, first learn what it is, the pros and cons, the costs and where to start.  

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WhatsApp Business Platform (API) explained

The WhatsApp Business Platform (previously WhatsApp Business API): What is it? Why should brands start with it in 2023? Can't you just use the free app instead? Here's everything you need to know.

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wiki: WhatsApp automation

Customers today expect fast responses and faster service from brands. Falling short of expectations can turn a loyal customer into a bad review. How to keep up? WhatsApp automation. 


How to humanize WhatsApp chatbots in 4 steps

Chatbots cause quite a bit of debate in the ecommerce world. On one hand they're always there when you need them. On the other, done wrong they can end up damaging your brand. Here's our guide to getting the balance right between automation and humanization.

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What is WhatsApp Business? Differences with WhatsApp Business app & API

In 2018 WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Business app to better support companies that want to use WhatsApp for marketing. Then, as if that wasn’t already great enough, WhatsApp created a new Business API with even more ways for companies to promote their products and engage with customers. 

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wiki: WhatsApp broadcast

The WhatsApp Business App provides you with the tools to send broadcast messages to your selected contacts. They call it a WhatsApp “broadcast”. It’s like a regular text sent from a single person or business, but it’s received by multiple contacts simultaneously, with just a single click. Some users call it “one-to-many communication.” 

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How to use WhatsApp retargeting: your New Year's guide

"If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again:" a common phrase we say to children to help them keep going. Well, it's for grown-ups too, especially those working on WhatsApp marketing campaigns. It even has a name: WhatsApp retargeting or remarketing.

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wiki: WhatsApp Marketing Software

With more than 2billion users worldwide, the messaging app for smartphones is one of few apps to be downloaded over 11billion times (😱). Its widescale popularity is what makes it both an effective communication app and an incredibly powerful marketing tool. But, WhatsApp itself does not allow advertisements of any kind.

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Wiki: conversational marketing

The way people buy things is drastically different than it was just a few years ago. Chalk it up to the pandemic, our seemingly endless enthusiasm for 24/7 online shopping, or the novelty of 15-minute delivery. Any way we slice it, customers are telling us that times are changing, and marketing must keep up.  


wiki: Conversational Commerce

In eCommerce, there's a buzz growing around the term "conversational commerce." But what exactly does it mean and how does it work?

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wiki: WhatsApp Newsletter

You may have heard of WhatsApp marketing. (You may also not have and that's ok too.) Here, we start with the basics: what are WhatsApp newsletters and why does any forward-thinking brand need to start using them?