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WhatsApp marketing insights and news. Learn how charles and the WhatsApp Business API works, and how European consumer brands are using WhatsApp to retain customers and boost ROI.

The essential guide for CMOs and CRM managers

The essential guide for CMOs and CRM managers

We interviewed our in-house experts to bring you the only guide you need to get started with WhatsApp marketing – efficiently and profitably.

Getting WhatsApp service replies from marketing campaigns?

Have a WhatsApp marketing platform? 😁 Send great campaigns? 🤩 Customers keep WhatsApping you back? 😬 Here's how to handle unexpected service requests smoothly and quickly.

Meta launches new WhatsApp theme updates and chat filters

WhatsApp is continually tweaking its user interface to give people an even better user experience. Soon, you'll be able to choose your own WhatsApp theme (blue, green...) and use chat filters to organize.

WhatsApp Business AI: 3 new features from Meta for 2024

Meta has announced the addition of AI to WhatsApp Business at its annual Conversations conference, plus more new features. Here are 3 key new features to improve the way you do business on WhatsApp.

Meta Conversations 2024, June 6 [+5 WhatsApp Business predictions]

Any large brand interested in WhatsApp messaging – and how personal, 2-way interactions will form part of every business' future – should register for Meta's free Conversations conference on June 6 to hear from this global messaging force.

WhatsApp broadcast guide

Similar to an email newsletter, WhatsApp broadcasts allow companies to send messages to many customers at the same time, but with higher open and click-through rates. Find out what they are and how to use them here.

Emarsys WhatsApp integration: How does it work? Why do it?

Use Emarsys? Time to switch on our new, powerful WhatsApp marketing integration for true cross-channel orchestration. Here's why (hint: revenue, relevance, retention, really good CRM).

New WhatsApp feature for business users: message to notes

WhatsApp's new WhatsApp Business feature lets you add messages to notes, streamlining your workflow and boosting efficiency. Perfect for SMEs. Find out what it is and how it works.

charles x Zendesk, Gorgias, Freshdesk WhatsApp integrations

charles now offers WhatsApp integrations for Zendesk, Gorgias and Freshdesk. "So?" you may think, "I'll just use my service software's own WhatsApp integration 😎" Here's why to think again 😳

Meta launches exciting new WhatsApp AI features

WhatsApp's much-loved app takes a leap into the future with new AI features – including image generation and helpful Meta AI chat. See how it works and how it will ease the lives of WhatsApp users.

10 best WhatsApp marketing campaign examples

Need inspiration for your next WhatsApp marketing campaign? Get fresh ideas with our top 10 WhatsApp marketing campaigns, from seasonal sales to creative concepts.

WhatsApp's new terms of service: guide

WhatsApp has announced new terms of service from April 11, 2024. What does this mean for you and your business? Read on to understanding the essential updates and how to navigate them.

How to choose WhatsApp marketing software [12 must-haves]

More and more WhatsApp marketing software platforms are appearing on the market. What's essential to look for in your provider and the software platform? Here's the ultimate checklist.

5 best WhatsApp marketing tools for brands

Enterprise brands need to find software to start with WhatsApp marketing. What are the best WhatsApp marketing tools around? We show you 5 we like.

WhatsApp marketing advice for beauty brands [Dermalogica]

Dermalogica has been pioneering WhatsApp since 2023. Here, Louisa Schiminski, eCommerce Manager, shares best-practice advice for other skincare brands thinking of adding WhatsApp to the marketing mix.

How to create a WhatsApp Channel [+12 best channels]

WhatsApp Channels let brands broadcast news and offers to large numbers of people at the same time. Here's how to create a WhatsApp Channel in easy steps, the 12 best Channels and an explainer of their role compared to the WhatsApp API.

WhatsApp Business web: a starter guide

What is WhatsApp Business web? How do you set it up and does it relate to the WhatsApp Business app or the API – or both? Find out in our starter guide.

WhatsApp marketing strategy: starter guide

What's a WhatsApp marketing strategy and how can you set one up? Here's how to use create a strategy that ensures high conversion, stable retention and ROI from this exciting channel.

Boost your business with a WhatsApp marketing agency

What's a WhatsApp marketing agency? And why partner with one? Or should you skip the middle person and partner directly with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider like charles?

WhatsApp marketing best practices from Bears with Benefits

How do you localize WhatsApp campaigns? How do you manage a WhatsApp channel in a CRM team? Annika Himborn, Bears with Benefits shares her insights from 1 year of mastering WhatsApp marketing.

WhatsApp CRM: integrating WhatsApp with your CRM [Klaviyo]

It's personal, it's sticky, it's fun. WhatsApp is transforming CRM teams across Europe. But how can you integrate WhatsApp into your CRM? And why should you start doing WhatsApp CRM? Find all the answers.

How to make money from WhatsApp [WhatsApp Business API]

WhatsApp is being touted as the next big thing in marketing for consumer brands. But, like any marketing channel, it needs to pay its way. Here's how to make money from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp game for WWF – Tree of Hope

WWF Deutschland launches innovative new WhatsApp adventure game with charles – turning conversations into conservation. Here's who made it and why.

7 tips to minimize your WhatsApp Business cost

Meta knows the value of WhatsApp Business to brands. So it charges per conversation you have with a customer. Here are some tricks to keep your cost down and increase your ROI.

The difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

Let's go back to basics for a second. As a WhatsApp user, you may have heard of WhatsApp Business. What's the difference? Who are they for? How much do they cost?

Meta Verified: WhatsApp Business green ticks turn blue

If your WhatsApp green tick suddenly turns blue in the coming months, don't be worried. This is a strategic move planned by Meta and won't affect your status. Here's why this is happening.

WhatsApp marketing Q&A: your questions answered

In our latest webinar, you had some great questions about WhatsApp marketing: how it works with email, how often to send messages and more. Here are the answers.

WhatsApp Channels: The what, why and how

WhatsApp Channels has landed in Europe and is making waves across eCommerce. What is it and who is it for? And the big one – how do I use WhatsApp Channels with charles for my marketing?

How to automate repeat purchases in WhatsApp

Getting the 1st purchase in WhatsApp is easy. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th... 100th? 😅 Actually, that's easy too. In WhatsApp, customers stay loyal if you treat them right. (And automation helps 🤫)

Why you should start with WhatsApp marketing now [2024]

Are you sitting it out, waiting for WhatsApp marketing to become "mainstream?" BREAKING: it already has. Here are more reasons you should get started with a WhatsApp marketing tool in 2024.

How get your first WhatsApp purchase [3 steps]

WhatsApp API platform? Check. WhatsApp Business account? Check. WhatsApp purchases? Erm...? Don't worry, turning your subscribers into customers is easier than you might think.

WhatsApp Black Friday strategy: attract & retain customers

💥BLACK FRIDAY!!!!💥 It's exciting but how do you keep customers hot after the deals have died down? Slot WhatsApp into your BFCM strategy this year. Here's a complete strategy for you.

Convert a lead to a brand advocate: WhatsApp automations

Even marketers need a break sometimes. But with targets still to meet, how can you keep customers interested, even when you're on vacation? 🌴 WhatsApp automation is a powerful solution.

Why WhatsApp is a great retention tool [+ 7 templates]

Every WhatsApp salesperson will tell you that WhatsApp gets you open rates of around 90%. But many fail to mention the killer benefit of Whatsapp: retention. We take a look why it's so sticky – with 7 WhatsApp templates you can use.

Email vs WhatsApp marketing: which channel is best?

WhatsApp is the powerful new marketing channel taking European eCommerce brands and CRM teams by storm. The big question is: will it replace your email marketing?

WhatsApp Business app: What is it? Who uses it?

Let's help you understand another WhatsApp Business term. This time it's the "WhatsApp Business app" – the free app for small business owners. Read on to learn what it is, who it's for, how to get it and more.

WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP): What is it?

To use the WhatsApp Business Platform (API), you need software. For this, most businesses partner with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP). Here's what a BSP is and how to find one.

WhatsApp benchmarks for 5 WhatsApp KPIs

Looking for WhatsApp Business benchmarks? We looked at our clients' analytics and have shared the average figures for the top 5 WhatsApp KPIs.

Add contacts to WhatsApp Business

Learn how to add contacts to your WhatsApp Business account and optimize your marketing efforts with personalized messaging. Start growing your business on WhatsApp today!

WhatsApp KPIs: 5 metrics [with benchmarks]

When you send WhatsApp campaigns to customers, how can you track their success? From return on campaign spend (ROCS) to click-through rate (CTR), these are the 5 main WhatsApp marketing KPIs you need to know...

Netcomm Forum, Italy: WhatsApp analytics, human connections

Our business expansion team flew to Netcomm Forum in Italy in Milan. We gave a masterclass, "How to make your first €1 million in WhatsApp," and learned that Italian businesses love WhatsApp analytics 💚🤍❤️

WhatsApp formatting to engage your customers

Want to make your WhatsApp messages stand out and grab your customers' attention? Learn how to format your messages with these simple tips and tricks.

charles x OMR 23: WhatsApp Marketing Rockstars

At OMR 2023, we went big, and our clients went bigger. They were the WhatsApp Marketing Rockstars with a real-life awards show. Who won? Who partied on the Reeperbahn until 7am*? Read on.

How to switch to a WhatsApp Business account [2024 guide]

This comprehensive guide is for CRM and marketing managers, CMOs and founders wanting to convert a personal WhatsApp account to a WhatsApp Business account. We tell you what you need, how to do it and how we can help.

Build a successful conversational commerce strategy

To run a successful WhatsApp channel as an eCommerce brand, you need a great conversational commerce (cCom) strategy. Here we tell you what cCom is, why it's important, and how to build a winning strategy for your WhatsApp marketing.

charles at Ecommerce Italia

Does Italy 🇮🇹 do WhatsApp marketing differently to Germany 🇩🇪? We went to Ecommerce Italia to find out, and to raise awareness of the charles WhatsApp platform in this WhatsApp-savvy region.

MOONOVA talk – your questions answered

Missed our talk, "WhatsApp, the journey of a conversation," at MOONOVA? No worries, here it is again, with all your questions about WhatsApp marketing answered.

Conversations with: new joiner Ryan, Operations and Culture Manager

"Culture Manager" is a newish job role in People teams. But creating an irresistible culture is a huge reason people join companies – and want to stay. Which is why we just got 1 at charles. Welcome, Ryan, our new Arbeit Atmosphere Alchemist.

Digital detox: how WhatsApp helps business cut down on screen time

Digital may be in our DNA, but actually we want to cut the time people spend looking at screens. For simpler lives, calmer minds, greater connection with the world. Here's how we're doing this for brands, customers and our team alike.

Conversations with new joiners: Marthe and Pascal

Meet our next round of new recruits! 10 new joiners did 3 days of onboarding last week, and we spoke with 2 of them: Marthe, Client Success Manager, and Pascal, Enterprise Account Executive.

Is your business right for the WhatsApp software?

So, 2024 is the year you start intermittent fasting, stop checking Instagram in bed and open a WhatsApp shop. Can you do it alone or do you need software like charles? Ilaria Carofiglio checks if you're a match.

Selling in WhatsApp shops: how to open one and succeed

Ready to open a WhatsApp shop? Where do you start and how do you make sure it's a success for your ecommerce business? Read on for answers and top tips on selling and marketing in WhatsApp.

Conversations with new joiners: Ebony and Daniel

New year, new people! Meet Ebony, Senior Marketing and Community Manager and Daniel, Software Engineer and find out their 1 life-changing conversation, favorite Berlin restaurants and top career advice.

Safe from spam: mindful marketing

Are you a digital marketer with a more, more, MORE approach to marketing? Please make 2023 the year you take the foot off the pedal. It's the right thing to do, especially as you move to more personal channels like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp x charles: your questions answered

In our recent "Road to €1 million" webinar with SNOCKS, we had so many questions we ran out of time to answer them all. So we've done it for you now. There should be some business takeaways in there for you, even if you missed the webinar.

WTA: should you swear with customers in WhatsApp?

As brands start chatting on WhatsApp, most start becoming more casual in their tone of voice. Which raises the big question: can you start swearing with your customers? TLDR: Yes and no, but mostly no.

Why WhatsApp spam won't come to Europe

With a rise in unwanted WhatsApp messages being received by consumers in India, you may be wondering if this issue will also arrive here in Europe. It won't though. Here's why.

9 WhatsApp marketing hacks for Black Friday

Cyber Week's a wrap, and what a week! 🚀🚀🚀 🥂 Here are our top 8 insights from our clients' campaigns to help you do WhatsApp right for your Black Friday campaign.

Multichannel: How SNOCKS use WhatsApp x email marketing

400 sign-ups. 140 attendees. Over 40 questions. Our WhatsApp marketing webinar with SNOCKS turned out better than we could have imagined. Here's a recap and the full recording for you.

How to choose the right WhatsApp Business software

The WhatsApp Business app is ok for small businesses, but larger brands need to use the WhatsApp Business Platform (API). For this, you'll need software from a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP). Here's how to choose the right one.

Why WhatsApp Business for Black Friday?

Thinking about using WhatsApp marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? If you still need some convincing, here's why you shouldn't hold back on WhatsApp any longer.

5 ideas for WhatsApp campaigns on Black Friday

You're WhatsApp ready, and you know the secrets of WhatsApp success? Now you need an eyeball-stopping campaign. Here are some ideas to make your audience go 🤩 and your ROI go 💥 from our Chief Creative Officer, Etienne Kiefer.

5 secrets of WhatsApp success for Black Friday

Got your brand WhatsApp ready for Black Friday? How do you get the best out of your new channel? charles UK Customer Success Manager, Blessing Osadolor, shares her top 5 secrets of WhatsApp success.

5 steps to get WhatsApp ready for Black Friday

You already have your Black Friday and Cyber Monday email marketing strategy ready, but have you thought of WhatsApp? Add this to your marketing mix now and ensure better retention.

We loved meeting you at DMEXCO!

We've just come back from DMEXCO 2022 in Cologne and are still buzzing. New people, new innovations, new conversations. Here are some things we learned about the market for conversational commerce and what brands are looking for.

Shopify integration with WhatsApp: how does it work?

Losing customers on the way to the checkout? With WhatsApp integration for online shops like Shopify and WooCommerce, you keep the full customer journey in chat: from question to credit card. Here's how it works it and how much it costs.

Looking forward to meeting you @#OMR22

charles goes to the OMR 🚀 Hamburg, May 17th - 18th! Join us at our booth - Halle A4, Stand K19 - to find out how to use #whatsapp as a new channel for your business. Helping you fight growing customer acquisition costs #CACs and achieving higher conversion rates through chat. It is always better to have a conversation. In everyday life as well as in commerce. 💛 Artjem Weissbeck is speaking Tuesday 17th at 15.05pm, see you there! #OMR22 #commerce #whatsapp

7 WhatsApp marketing best practices [with examples]

WhatsApp marketing, conversational commerce (cCom), chatting to customers with WhatsApp messages, whatever you like to call it, it's big and getting bigger. Here are our top tips to start chatting in WhatsApp while keeping your brand essence (and your customers).

Say hey to your customers in WhatsApp

charles the "conversational commerce" tool launches in Berlin today with €1 million in funding. The software enables merchants and consumer brands to sell products via WhatsApp and other chat apps.

How to promote your Business on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has proved to be an amazing channel for answering customers questions and helping with deliveries. Now you can send promotional messages there too. Which opens up a whole new world of revenue for brands.

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