The arrival of "Meta Verified:" Your WhatsApp Business green tick will be turning blue

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Posted: October 13, 2023

Updated: April 23, 2024

If your WhatsApp green tick suddenly turns blue in the coming months, don't be worried. This is a strategic move planned by Meta and won't affect your status. Here's why this is happening.


Got your green tick verification on your WhatsApp Business profile? Congratulations.


As in any platform, it's good to show you're a verified business. 


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We wanted to let you know of an upcoming change in the appearance of your prized tick. 


WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has recently announced that it will change the color of its verification checkmark from green to blue.


This change has stirred up discussions among businesses and users alike. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this transformation, its implications for businesses, and why WhatsApp and Meta are making this change now.


Why the shift from WhatsApp green to Meta blue?

WhatsApp's iconic green checkmark has been synonymous with message verification for years.


However, the decision to replace it with a blue tick is far from random.


Like Twitter's sudden rebrand to X, there are strategic reasons behind this alteration:

  1. Consistency across Meta services: One of the primary motivations behind this change is to create uniformity across Meta's ecosystem. With Meta's various services like Facebook and Instagram using blue verification badges, aligning WhatsApp with the same color scheme helps in strengthening the brand identity and user recognition across all platforms. It's part of Mark Zuckerberg's "Meta Verified" push.

  2. Combatting misinformation and scams: The blue tick has historically been associated with authenticity on social media platforms. By introducing it to WhatsApp Business, Meta aims to enhance trust and credibility. This change will help users distinguish between legitimate businesses and potential scams or misinformation, which can be crucial in the era of digital security and privacy concerns.

  3. Enhancing business profiles: WhatsApp Business has been instrumental in connecting businesses with their customers. With the blue tick, verified business profiles will stand out more prominently, increasing their visibility and reliability. 

  4. Improving user experience: The color change might seem like a minor adjustment, but it impacts the user experience, even subconsciously. A blue checkmark, being more prominent and universally recognizable – and aligning with Meta branding – will make it easier for users to spot verified accounts and engage with them. This ultimately fosters better communication.



Meta Verified | charles blogThe green tick will turn blue as part of the Meta Verified push to unify branding across all of Meta's platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp



A subscription to Meta Verified will not just unify branding, but also protect companies from impersonation and offer dedicated tech support. This is another move by Meta to make its platforms more profitable through offering additional value. 


What does the change to a blue tick mean for businesses using WhatsApp?

The transition from a green to a blue verification checkmark on WhatsApp has several implications for businesses:

  1. Increased trust: The blue tick will signify the weight of Meta behind your WhatsApp Business account. This signifies trustworthiness, which can lead to increased customer trust in your verified business profile. As you know, customers are more likely to engage with businesses they see as legitimate and secure.

  2. Competitive advantage: Businesses with verified Meta profiles will gain a competitive edge over those without. The blue Meta Verified checkmark will signal professionalism and authenticity, potentially attracting more customers and boosting sales.

  3. Brand consistency: For businesses operating across various Meta platforms, this change ensures brand consistency. It strengthens the association between WhatsApp Business and other Meta services, creating a cohesive online presence.

  4. Enhanced visibility: Verified business profiles will likely enjoy greater visibility within search results and user chats. This means that customers will find you more easily, resulting in higher discoverability and customer engagement.



Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 13.00.05Your new blue tick will look something like this on your WhatsApp Business profile



What is the green tick on WhatsApp?

A green tick on WhatsApp is a verification badge that proves your account is authentic and officially confirmed by WhatsApp (and Meta).


This badge is a symbol of trust and helps you to stand out from unverified accounts, adding a professional touch to your business or personal profile. It also ensures customers to feel safe joining your WhatsApp channel – so more customers are likely to opt in.


When will your WhatsApp green tick turn blue?

We don't know. The move was was announced by WhatsAppBetaInfo in September 2023, to come in an Android update. But there's no information as to when this will actually happen. We'll keep you posted.


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Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 12.54.17Q&A about the new blue WhatsApp verified tick from WhatsAppBetaInfo



Blue, green, pink... it's just a color 

As business news goes, this is not groundbreaking news that will upset too many people, but it's interesting all the same. Now you know your green tick will likely turn blue, at least there will be no surprises when it happens. 


You haven't been hacked, your account is still working, it's just Mark Zuckerberg trying to tidy up his portfolio.


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Related questions

What is a green tick on WhatsApp?

A green tick on WhatsApp shows that a business account has been verified by WhatsApp. It's a sign that the account is reliable and trustworthy, and that the company behind it is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

What are the benefits of having a verified WhatsApp account?

With a verified account, customers will know that they are communicating with a legitimate business. It also gives the business a professional and trusted presence on the platform, and can increase customer confidence and engagement.

How do I apply for a green tick on WhatsApp?

To apply for a green tick on WhatsApp, you'll need to have a WhatsApp Business account set up. Then, you can either request verification through WhatsApp Business Manager or through a WhatsApp Business Provider.

What if my green tick application is rejected?

If your application for a green tick is rejected, it's likely because you failed to meet one or more of WhatsApp's guidelines. To get approved, you'll need to make the necessary changes and re-apply.

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