CHAT ACADEMY – WEBINAR – November 9, 2022


"THE ROAD TO €1m in WHATSAPP revenue" with snocks x charles


When we sign a new client, we ring a bell 🔔 👏 When that client brings in the first €1 million in WhatsApp revenue, we bring their story to the world! 🔥🔥🔥


In this webinar, hear how basics brand, SNOCKS, became Europe's first WhatsApp millionaire. Just in time for Black Friday 😉


SNOCKS is a much-loved German fashion brand, founded in 2016. As one of charles' first clients, they have been a key collaborator in optimizing our platform for retail brands.


Since 2019, charles has been pioneering conversational commerce in Europe with innovative D2C brands. Turning WhatsApp into an active revenue channel has been a great learning experience and now, along with SNOCKS, we're sharing our insights.

Learn how to

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Make WhatsApp work harder than email for your business, so it becomes your #1 revenue channel

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Stand out with effective WhatsApp campaigns for events like Black Friday, Cyber Week and the holiday season

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Become a love brand through stronger customer relationships and honest, personal connections 

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Johannes Kliesch

Founder and bizzfluencer



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Peter Huber

WhatsApp Marketing Manager



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Maurizio Wagenhaus

Senior Customer Success Manager






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