"Why is my WhatsApp app green?" [+4 new formatting tricks]

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Posted: March 05, 2024

Updated: April 22, 2024

Wondering why your WhatsApp turned green? Find out what's behind the change and how to spice up your chats with WhatsApp's 4 new formatting options (lists, at last 🙌).


Have you recently opened your WhatsApp and noticed a change that left you wondering, "Why is my WhatsApp green?"


If so, you're not alone! Many users across the globe have observed this new look and are curious about the reasons behind this color shift.


Let's dive into the reasons behind WhatsApp's fresh coat of green paint, explore the latest updates, and share some exciting new formatting options that will elevate your messaging game.



Just one of the viral tweets last week asking "Why is my WhatsApp green?"




Why is my WhatsApp green?

The noticeable shift to a greener interface on WhatsApp is part of the app's latest update. WhatsApp, always striving to improve user experience and maintain its position as the go-to messaging app, has decided to refresh its look.


This change is more than just an aesthetic adjustment; it signifies WhatsApp's commitment to staying fresh, relevant, and in tune with its users' needs and preferences.


Meta says it's made WhatsApp green to: "bring a modern, new experience to WhatsApp" and "make it more accessible and easy to use."


Like it or not, the new green hue is designed to be softer on the eyes, fostering a more comfortable and engaging messaging experience.


Why is the interface in the new WhatsApp update green?

Green has always been a core part of WhatsApp's brand identity, symbolizing growth, freshness, and security.


By enhancing the green color in its interface, WhatsApp reinforces its commitment to providing a secure and private communication platform.


In a digital age where privacy concerns are paramount, this color choice subtly reassures users that their conversations are protected and encrypted.


What else is new in WhatsApp?

Beyond the color update, WhatsApp has rolled out several new features to enhance your messaging experience.



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One of the most exciting updates is the introduction of new text formatting options. These new features allow users to add a personal touch and emphasis to their messages, making conversations more dynamic and expressive.


4 new WhatsApp formatting options

WhatsApp has introduced 4 exciting new formatting options to the 4 it already offers (that many users still don't know about, see them below).


In particular, many users (including us) are delighted to now be able to include shopping lists and numbered lists to better organize your WhatsApp thoughts. 


You can now create:

  1. Bulleted lists: Useful for shopping lists, or highlighting the reasons you love someone (or the things they need to do around the house). Add a “-” and a space before your text.
  2. Numbered lists: Useful for steps, instructions or sharing favorite recipes. Add a number, a period and a space before your text, like this: “1. ”
  3. Block quotes: Highlight an important piece of a message. Helpful for finding the thing you actually need to know in those long family chats, or sending life inspiration to a friend. Add “>” and a space before your text.
  4. Inline code: Mostly useful for coders but also another handy way to highlight text in a new way. Add “`” before and after your text. 



An illustration guide showing the shortcuts needed to use WhatsApp’s new text formatting options.

Summary of WhatsApp formatting options (Source: WhatsApp/Meta)



4 previous WhatsApp formatting options

In case you didn't know, here are the WhatsApp formatting options you have always been able to use in WhatsApp messages. Either right click to change the format of text or add these special characters on both sides of the text:

  1. Bold: To bold text, simply place an asterisk (*) before and after the text. For example, hello becomes hello.
  2. Italicize: To italicize, use an underscore (_) on both sides of your text. hello turns into hello.
  3. Strikethrough: Adding a tilde (~) before and after your text will strike it through. "hello"  becomes hello.
  4. Monospace: For a typewriter-like, monospace font, use three backticks () on both sides. hello``` transforms your text into a monospace format.



You can also combine these formatting options for more creative messages. For example, *_hello_* will make your text both bold and italic: hello


These formatting options open up new possibilities for expressing yourself on WhatsApp.


Whether you're emphasizing a point, conveying sarcasm, telling a friend something they really need to know, or just having fun with your messages, these features allow for more nuanced and personalized communication.


Dermalogica banner WhatsApp charles longWhy WhatsApp going green and other updates matter

WhatsApp's decision to refresh its interface and introduce new formatting options is a testament to its user-centric approach.


By continuously updating the app, WhatsApp ensures that it remains an indispensable tool for personal and professional communication. These updates not only enhance the visual appeal and usability of the app but also introduce new ways for users to express themselves and communicate more effectively.


To sum up: stay tuned for more exciting WhatsApp updates

The shift to a greener interface and the introduction of new text formatting options are just some of many ongoing developments for WhatsApp users.


These constant changes reflect WhatsApp's commitment to improving user experience, emphasizing privacy, and providing innovative features to its global community.


So, the next time you open WhatsApp and notice its vibrant green interface, remember that it's more than just a color change – it's a sign of WhatsApp's enduring dedication to its users.


Stay tuned for more updates and continue exploring all the possibilities that WhatsApp offers for connecting with friends, family, and colleagues around the world. We recommend following WhatsAppBetaInfo for the latest updates to the world's favorite messaging app.


If you're a business user, you can also find out why your green verified tick might soon turn blue.


Happy messaging. 


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FAQs about WhatsApp turning green

Why did my WhatsApp turn green?

It's part of WhatsApp rebranding the app to be more accessible, friendly to the eye and easier to use, while incorporating its brand colors.

Why does WhatsApp keep changing my app?

Like any highly popular app, WhatsApp is constantly researching what's best for its users. Its large team of developers and product experts work tirelessly to make changes that improve the user experience and make using WhatsApp even more enjoyable.


The same goes for business users. WhatsApp Business (both the app and the API) is constantly changing and improving – with richer features, better automation, segmentation and analytics, and a better user experience.

What else has changed with my WhatsApp?

A key update is the addition of 4 new text formatting options:

1. Bulleted lists

2. Numbered lists

3. Block quotes

4. Inline code

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