"Multichannel is so f***ing important" (WhatsApp x email marketing tips from SNOCKS)

By Maxine Hess

Writer | WhatsApp marketer | Creative

400 sign-ups. 140 attendees. Over 40 questions. Our WhatsApp marketing webinar with SNOCKS turned out better than we could have imagined. Here's a recap and the full recording for you. 


The best way to explain what we do? Ask a client.


Our webinar, “The Road to €1m on WhatsApp revenue” on November 9 was packed full of insights from SNOCKS into how charles works and how to make WhatsApp a revenue-boosting, relationship-building marketing channel for your business. 


Couldn’t make it? Recording below👇


SNOCKS shared that they made nearly 80% of their €1m revenue with our automation tool, Journeys,

which automates flows for WhatsApp conversations, so they run in the background 


SNOCKS WhatsApp marketing video 

See the slide presentation here and watch the recording here:




SNOCKS WhatsApp marketing highlights 


In email, our open rates are 20-40% – in WhatsApp, they’re 80%. 

We hire a full-time person for a channel when we hit €100k in that channel. Peter is possibly the first WhatsApp Marketing Manager in Europe.

You should have an average order value (AOV) of over €30 to get the most from this channel. It works particularly well for high AOVs.


When you have a product of €1,000, say, you will probably have a smaller audience but will talk to them in a much more personal way and build loyalty.

In the end, for high AOV products, you reduce the lead time significantly when you can, for example, answer questions about customization at the point of purchase.

From kick-off call to go live with charles is now as little as 24 hours (it was 2-3 weeks a year ago).


It’s a good idea to let people opt out of every message every time you send a campaign. This way your audience feels in control – and you keep your high WhatsApp Business quality rating.

Our three biggest learnings about writing WhatsApp messages? 1) Use short, snappy text. 2) Just text without images can sometimes work better, so always test first. 3) People are more likely to click on CTA buttons than links.

We see if we have someone's email and WhatsApp, the customer lifetime value (CLV) is 20% more than with people where we only have email.


I’m a numbers guy. The strategy for next 2-3 years is to have as many contacts to one person as we can – email, WhatsApp, chrome extension... the more different ones the better.


If Black Friday is a big event for you, you could start with sending a raffle to all your email people. Like "Win an iPhone!" You could get 10,000 numbers for Black Friday. Raffles are so easy. It would cost around €1-2,000 but to get 10,000 numbers it's more than worth.

“Multichannel in 2022 is so f🤬ing important. The more channels the better. I see it in the whole ecommerce sector. The companies that have been the most multichannel are the most successful.”

We hope you found this as interesting as we did and look forward to seeing you at the next Chat Academy!



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