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Expecting big love on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM)?
Here’s how to keep these relationships going long-term with WhatsApp.
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forever customers

what if the customers you attract on black friday kept coming back?

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the “one-time deal to all-time customers” funnel

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Get Ready

Lay the foundations for
WhatsApp success



Send and optimize your Black
Friday WhatsApp campaigns



Plan your
retention journey

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WhatsApp revenue calculator

How much €€€ could WhatsApp earn you this Black Friday?

WhatsApp subscribers

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  • 1.9.
  • 15.9.
  • 1.10.
  • 15.10.
  • 1.11.
  • 15.11.

Before Black Week

“There are 4 main ways to get customers into WhatsApp”
A Get ready

Lay the foundations for WhatsApp success

Black Friday on WhatsApp: Tinder card with

Plan your WhatsApp strategy

Add key events in a diary and share it with the team. The earlier you do this, the better. To keep the team focused on retention, plan for before, during and after Black Friday.


Build (and warm up) your audience

Use the Black Friday consumer FOMO to get people into your WhatsApp channel with website popups, social posts and emails. Plus offer exclusive pre-access to WhatsApp subscribers.


Get your tech stack in order

Make sure you’re set up to track how much revenue you’re generating. In charles, this is done through integrations with Google Analytics and/or Shopify discount codes.

During Black Week

“Add some extra perks to make WhatsApp users feel special”
B Sell

Send and optimize your Black Friday WhatsApp campaigns


Create your WhatsApp campaign

Get creative and watch your engagement skyrocket. WhatsApp is the most fun and interactive channel there is. Here are 5 Black Friday WhatsApp campaign ideas to inspire you.


Send to targeted audiences

In WhatsApp, the more personalized, the higher the engagement. Use information you’ve gathered so far to narrow down audiences and send each one a highly targeted campaign.


Track results and keep optimizing

Keep track of how customers are responding to your Black Friday campaigns. Then improve them over the weekend (the extra work will be worth it) so you can be even more successful on Cyber Monday.

After Black Week

“Now it's time to make your deal hunters fall in love with your brand”
C Retain

Plan your retention journey


Convert and retain

Turn website visitors into WhatsApp subscribers with post-purchase WhatsApp flows using Journeys. This will help you build long-lasting relationships beyond Cyber Week so you'll be more than just a deal on Black Friday.

Tips and Tricks

How to make WhatsApp a success on Black Friday

New to WhatsApp as a marketing channel? No worries, here’s a Black Friday toolkit to turn you into a pro from the get go.

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