Get your business integrated with WhatsApp for a next-level customer experience. Increase customer retention, average order value and lifetime value. Decrease customer acquisition costs and maximize ad spend.


Learn why it's better to have a conversation.


You'll learn...

The main building blocks of conversational commerce and how to embed this within your business:


🚀 Use previous shopping behavior and suggest related products


🚀 Reward your most loyal customers with VIP product launches


🚀 Create shopping carts ("Chatout" links) for customers so they can buy in as little as 1 tap


WhatsApp Business API

Find out how growing companies reach conversion rates up to 32%


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Who is the Book of cCom for?

⚡️ Founders or eCom entrepreneurs looking to enhance customer engagement and boost sales using conversational marketing techniques.

⚡️ Marketing managers trying to unlock the world of conversational marketing and automate funnels that engage and convert leads into paying customers.

⚡️ eCommerce businesses looking for the right conversational tools to boost customer retention, send WhatsApp campaigns and increase revenue.


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of purchases estimated to be online by 2040


open rate in WhatsApp compared to email


of people purchase more over messengers

"By personalizing our marketing campaigns, open rates are over 85% and retention has drastically improved"


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  Johannes, CEO of SNOCKS


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Commerce Integrations

Use conversations as your fuel for selling

Connect your messenger apps to any storefront to boost your sales and eCom revenue through customer retention.

Small questions. Quick answers. Happy customers 💛

Start reaching 90% open rates, 30% added revenue all with conversational commerce

Get higher conversion and retention and more personalized customer relationships by diving into the exciting cCom space. Establish a new sales channel through customer relationships.




✅ Improved customer retention through personalized interactions with our best case studies

✅ How to effectively integrate conversational commerce for increased sales and customer satisfaction

✅  Enhanced customer experience through instant support and personalized recommendations


Marketing that's more relevant

Segment your audience very finely – down to location, buying behavior and favorite color – to increase engagement and conversion rate.




Sales that's more personal

Integrate your online shop and drag and drop products straight into chat. Offer products that are truly relevant to each customer.




Support that's always there

Reply to questions, send automated delivery updates and more. Not in email but in chat: the place your customers love to be.