6 key ways to increase customer lifetime value (CLV) with WhatsApp

6 key ways to increase customer lifetime value (CLV) with WhatsApp blog

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Posted: June 22, 2023

Updated: April 22, 2024

The future of eCommerce has an increasing demand for strong customer relationships. A critical metric for business growth that reflects the power of these relationships is customer lifetime value (CLV), read about its potential here.


What is customer lifetime value?

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is a key business metric that estimates the total revenue a business can reasonably expect from a single customer. It considers a customer's revenue value and compares that number to the company's predicted customer lifespan.


Businesses use this to understand how much long-term value they get from their customers and identify key areas for improvement in their customer nurturing processes. This metric is also one of the WhatsApp KPIs.


Why WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is not just another messaging platform. It's a tool that can help you nurture meaningful relationships with your customers, ultimately increasing your CLV.


Offering a range of features that can enhance customer communication, provide real-time support, run targeted campaigns, simplify eCommerce transactions, and automate customer journeys, WhatsApp Business is a powerhouse for customer engagement and retention​.


The magic of personalized conversations

When it comes to building relationships, personalized conversations are key. By using WhatsApp Business, you can establish a direct and personal line of communication with your customers.


Whether it's addressing their queries, providing prompt support, or even sharing new product launches, every interaction adds value to the relationship. And as we all know, a happy customer is a returning customer.


Strategy for stronger relationships with cCom

Conversational commerce is reshaping the landscape of online shopping.


By building direct and meaningful communication with customers, it provides a platform for building stronger relationships, which can lead to an increase in CLV. Here are some ways to do this:


1. Personalize the shopping experience

By using data from a customer's shopping history, you can suggest related products that align with their interests and preferences.


This approach not only streamlines their shopping experience but also creates a sense of personalization that can strengthen the bond between your brand and the customer. As a result, customers are likely to feel valued and understood, encouraging repeat purchases and enhancing CLV.


2. Reward loyalty

Your loyal customers are a valuable asset, and it's essential to make them feel appreciated. One way to do this is by rewarding them with VIP product launches.


This strategy not only fosters a sense of exclusivity but also deepens your relationship with them. By showing your appreciation for their loyalty, you can increase their likelihood of making future purchases and recommending your brand to others.


3. Simplify the purchasing process

The ease of purchasing can significantly impact a customer's shopping experience. By creating shopping carts directly in chats, you make the purchasing process more straightforward and convenient.


4. Tailor marketing campaigns

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work in marketing. By segmenting your audience based on their preferences, behaviors, and demographics, you can tailor your marketing campaigns to address their specific needs.


This personalized approach can increase engagement, deepen customer relationships, and boost your CLV.


5. Make relevant product offerings

By integrating your online shop, like Shopify, with your WhatsApp platform, you can drop products straight into the chat.


This allows you to offer products that are truly relevant to each customer, enhancing their shopping experience and strengthening your relationship with them.


6. Be there for your customers

Customer support plays a critical role in building strong customer relationships. By being available to answer their questions, send automated delivery updates, and more.


All in a platform they already love and use, you show your customers that you care about their concerns and are always there to help. This can improve customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and ultimately, increase CLV.


To sum up

These strategies highlight how you can use the power of conversational commerce to build stronger customer relationships and enhance your CLV. By implementing them, you can create a more personalized and engaging shopping experience, fostering loyalty and driving growth in your business.


Building customer relationships is not just about transactions; it's about meaningful conversations. By using WhatsApp Business, you can transform these conversations into valuable relationships that significantly enhance your customer lifetime value.


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