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At charles, we make it easy and profitable for large companies to grasp the opportunity of WhatsApp marketing – with our intuitive platform focused on maximizing your ROI.

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WhatsApp doesn’t replace your CRM.

It’s an addition that brings impressive results. Like open rates of 85-90%. And click-through rates of 15-20%.

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Is your CRM strategy under-performing?

Are traditional channels like email marketing, apps and ads not doing the job for you in 2024?  

Emails are not opened icon Emails are not being read

Emails are
not being read

Traditional channels like email offer poor customer experience – and increasingly end up in spam.

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App notification are off App notifications <br>are switched off

App notifications
are switched off

On average, people download 0 apps/month. But if they do, they turn off notifications. It makes sense to enter apps that are already regularly used and highly popular: like WhatsApp.

Ads are expensive and impersonal Adds expensive

Ads are pricy and impersonal

Brands need to pay more €€€ than ever to acquire new customers with paid ads. This often means they lose money for every new customer. Also, ads via Meta have been weakened by iOS/cookies.

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What if you could easily add a new marketing channel with the highest revenue potential in 2024?


Why enterprises are falling in love with whatsapp

Every conversation brings you money: WhatsApp offers marketers a simple, immediate way to communicate with customers.

Open a new revenue stream Open a new revenue stream

Open a new
revenue stream

WhatsApp continually brings you a large, earned audience to generate more sales. To ensure success, you need a WhatsApp marketing platform focused on profitability, efficiency and GDPR compliance. Like charles.

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Enjoy greater returns Enjoy greater returns

greater returns

WhatsApp is a highly profitable channel. Even with its extra cost per conversation, we see ROCS (Return on Campaign Spend) of up to 10x and more. With ads earning just 2-4x ROAS, many of our clients are now shifting ad budgets to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp KPIs
Create richer brand experiences Create richer brand experiences

Create richer
brand experiences

Quizzes, product finders, videos... WhatsApp is rich and interactive – for better conversion and retention. Meanwhile, you collect valuable data and preferences to boost future campaigns.

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Avg. click-through rate for Valentine’s day


Personalized communication to boost relationships


Revenue per conversation (RPC)

"They have us in their pocket now, what could be better?"

Louisa Schiminski, eCommerce Manager, Dermalogica

Louisa Schiminski

eCommerce Manager


GDPR Compliant

We help you ensure GDPR compliance with platform features combined with data privacy expertise from our team. 



Backed by WhatsApp Cloud API, we stay up to date on all WhatsApp features so you don't have to.


ISO Certification

We adhere to the global standards to safeguard you and your customers' data – long-term.

All the integrations
you’ll ever need
– plus customized ones

Take all your CRM and shop data into WhatsApp for more powerful, higher performing campaigns.
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With more brands discovering WhatsApp, it's important to start early, before your competitors do. This way, you have more time to test, learn and build subscribers before you scale. 

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We're with you every step of the way.

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WhatsApp enterprise blueprint

How does WhatsApp marketing work within an enterprise? Learn how to get started efficiently, maximize ROI and choose the best partner

Don't miss out on the WhatsApp opportunity in Europe


WhatsApp is new to many brands. To minimize your risk, here are some answers to common questions from our team of experts.

How much does WhatsApp cost?

Small businesses can use the WhatsApp Business app, which is free.

Medium to large businesses use the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) through a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) like charles.

For the WhatsApp API, you pay:
1. WhatsApp a cost per conversation (see WhatsApp costs for your country)
2. WhatsApp BSP fees 

What's key to remember: WhatsApp comes with additional costs to channels like email, but it's worth the investment because it's highly profitable. The average return on campaign spend (ROCS) made by our clients is 10x. This is far above the 3-4x made by ads.  


For more, see our guide to WhatsApp costs.

Is WhatsApp going to be a profitable channel?

The profitability of WhatsApp marketing in particular is unbeatable. This is largely because of the high visibility of WhatsApp notifications and the way it allows businesses to sit right beside people’s friends. Even with its extra cost per conversation, we see 10x return on ad spend (ROAS) on average. With ads earning just 2-4x ROAS, many of our clients are now shifting ad budgets to WhatsApp.

Can I stay GDPR compliant? 

Yes, businesses can be GDPR compliant in WhatsApp. The 2 main areas to look at are:
1. Data consent (double opt-in, unsubscribe visible...)
2. Data management (ability to share and delete customer information, data stored in the EU...)


At charles, we help you remain GDPR compliant in WhatsApp through our software capabilities and our expertise. 


See more in: WhatsApp and GDPR: the basics for businesses.

Will WhatsApp take over email?

Successful marketing strategies rely on channels working together – and WhatsApp is no different so it should compliment your existing strategy.


For example, use WhatsApp for exclusive, pre-sale campaigns and email for the bulk announcement. In fact, brands that add WhatsApp to email see a CLV uplift of 25% vs email only.


See more in: Email vs WhatsApp: which marketing channel is better? 

What's the implementation and day-to-day like?

It takes less work than most people think.


Many enterprise customers partner with an agency like chatmarks who takes the workload away from the team by defining, setting up and rolling out your full WhatsApp strategy.


If you do it in-house, onboarding can take as little as 1-2 hours – thanks to automation, careful planning and efficiency tips from charles.