How Concrete Jungle increased their revenue per recipient by over 1000%

Learn how the innovative jewellery brand leveraged engaging newsletter templates to quadruple conversion and build a community of engaged fans


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A newsletter-centric success case backed by highly successful sendouts proving the relevance of WhatsApp for eCommerce companies

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In the light of rising CACs (Customer Acquisition Costs) and stagnating retention in email marketing efforts, the two founders, Daniel and Madlen, are constantly looking for new opportunities to increase customer retention and effective community building. This is something that CJ has always been very strong in due to a credible mission and a personal touch with customers.

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Inspired by other success stories, Concrete Jungle and Charles set out to leverage WhatsApp Newsletters to increase customer retention and build a community. They set their eyes upon Christmas as the centrepiece for their first campaign — they would use an eye-catching aesthetic and personal communication style that stood out from the pre-holiday flood of other branded advertisements. Their Whatsapp channel was transformed to deliver subscribers a personal and close connection to the brand, an aspect that the CJ community loved.

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The results were indisputable. The Charles x Concrete Jungle collaboration proved the WhatsApp audience to be far more engaged than their audiences from traditional newsletter marketing. Concrete Jungle’s WhatsApp marketing quickly grew to become one main revenue contributor, increasing their Clickthrough Rate by over 50x and Website Conversion Rate by over 4x compared to ordinary email marketing. 

edit How they did it:

Step 1: Exit Intent Popups

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Concrete Jungle and Charles set up Exit Intent Popups to lead people directly into chat from Concrete Jungle’s website. Here, an automated Opt-in flow collected the opt-in in exchange for a discount code.

In addition, a widget placed on the Thank-you page after an eCom order provided another possibility to make contact by prompting new conversions to track their shipments. After making a purchase, customers get an order confirmation and tracking notifications right in the chat, allowing them to easily track the progress of their order.

Step 2: Whatsapp Newsletters

WhatsApp Newslettercj

Concrete Jungle then set up native and personal templates for WhatsApp Newsletters. In close collaboration with Charles, CJ engaged four success factors: WhatsApp nativeness, interactivity, relevance and personalisation.

WhatsApp nativeness: Something that CJ understood exceptionally well was that shorter, personal texts are performing much better than repurposed Email Newsletters. Reaching customers where their friends are also means to show commitment to and optimize for this channel.

Interactivity: WhatsApp Newsletters give the customer the sense of a two-sided conversation and allow Concrete Jungle to collect valuable information about their preferences. Buttons and quick replies help build the feeling of having a real conversation with the brand.

Step 3: Customer Relationships

Charles Options

Relevance: Charles’ feature set allows Concrete Jungle to more precisely target and segment their WhatsApp Newsletters by gender, purchase data, and other factors. This maximises conversion since no Newsletter is delivered unnecessarily.

Personalisation: Finally, WhatsApp Newsletters themselves can also be personalised with data about each customer, helping them build a personal rapport with the brand. Getting early access to new products and other exclusive offers helped customers feel connected to CJ.

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route Roadmap

After building an initial subscriber base, the next phase of CJs collaboration with Charles is all about scaling this and further improving the conversion through this channel. WhatsApp has already shown to be a crucial channel and will surely grow further as an essential part of CJ’s marketing portfolio.


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