Helping fashion lovers feel more connected with their favorite brand

ZOÉ LU drops new bag styles every week and customers often have questions. Through WhatsApp it can now reply instantly and lead customers to purchase in a more personal way.


Ulrike and Larissa, founders


revenue through "Chatouts" in first week


higher sign-up rate for WhatsApp over email


revenue/recipient in first campaign

"Once I showed our team how fun it is to use, everyone wanted to switch from email to charles."
Larissa, Co-founder, ZOÉ LU

edit Challenge: to be there for customers

ZOÉ LU is a fast-moving fashion brand with a large variety of designs and weekly product drops. Customers often have questions around product and styles. 


The challenge is to answer these instantly to avoid losing the sale. 


It needed a channel in which customers can get answers straight away, which isn't always possible with traditional channels like email.

chart-network Goals: fewer returns, greater loyalty

To reduce returns and abandon cart rates. It also wanted to improve the customer experience through speed and personal communication.

route Results: consumers who feel connected

Customers love how easy it is to stay in touch with their favorite brand. They can now ask questions about bags, track orders, receive drop alerts and buy, all through one channel.

edit ZOÉ LU can now:

Easily build an audience


The first step is always to get your customers into your WhatsApp channel.

ZOÉ LU added a branded "service bubble" to its homepage to answer questions. WITH THIS, ZOÉ LU can now instantly resolve queries and concerns. And of course, conversations often turn into sales.

It also uses pop-ups and the Shopify thank you page to invite customers into WhatsApp.

Send weekly bag drops


Customers are so engaged that they actively ask for exclusive news. ZOÉ LU responds to this demand with weekly WhatsApp campaigns. This is more than we usually advise clients, but with customers asking for this, it makes good business sense.

Generate revenue in a personal way


WhatsApp gives ZOÉ LU a way to keep in touch in a personal, direct way with its audience. Customers appreciate this and brand loyalty grows. Which in turn leads to sales.

💛35 What's next?


Boost engagement with WhatsApp Style & Bag Adviser


Save time through automated conversations


Grow audience through PDP chat bubbles

ZOÉ LU plans to create a WhatsApp Style & Bag Adviser using automated conversations. Automating with charles saves time and money while giving an excellent, human customer experience.

It also wants to integrate product description page (PDP) "Chat-ins" to answer questions at the point of sale. This will further improve the customer experience and grow the WhatsApp audience.

Christopher Schubert, Sales Director

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