Top 5 reasons ecommerce brands should start with WhatsApp marketing

Top 5 reasons ecommerce brands should start with WhatsApp marketing blog

By Maxine Hess

Writer | WhatsApp marketer | Creative

We 💛 it when other people write great content for us. Thanks to for this article and for the shout outs to us and our clients SNOCKS, Woodboom and PURELEI


(The original article's in German, so we've translated the top 5 reasons into English for you.)



1. It's costing more and more €€€ to get new customers

charles [that’s us ☺️] knows the power of conversational commerce (cCom) and says you can increase customer lifetime value by 2.5x through WhatsApp marketing.


You can address your customers over and over in an intimate atmosphere, solve problems and communicate new offers. Done well, you take the coveted top-of-mind spot in customers’ lives.



2. WhatsApp messages actually get read

“WhatsApp newsletters” have a 10x higher opening rate than email newsletters. This is largely because of the high relevance of WhatsApp – if this falls, opening rates will also drop.


It’s important not to "annoy" customers in conversational marketing with excessive traffic and to have a good feel for this channel. [Agree 👌]


3. No more open questions

Few customers want to stand in long telephone queues or write awkward emails. Chat widgets help a little but not much. With " links" [🎙: “waah-mee”], customers get into WhatsApp in just one click.


They don’t have to stay in the chat all the time and the info is saved for later. The support request becomes more like a short chat with a friend. [Yup 🫶]


Plus, customers can clarify all final questions in chat and remove all concerns. This not only increases the conversion rate, but also significantly shortens the sales cycle, especially for high-priced and more complex products.


[Generate a link here]


4. Excellent brand experience

With simple signup and friendly after-sales care, you can leave a lasting impression with WhatsApp. There are now tons of tools [us again 😊] that take advantage of the possibilities of WhatsApp and optimize processes. WhatsApp can shine, especially after a purchase. You can send delivery updates in chat instead of email.


In fact, anything you currently send via email or other notifications can be moved to WhatsApp. Since this channel is still so young, there’s still plenty of scope for your own ideas. [We have loads, just ask 🌈]


5. The data stays with you

Platforms are struggling to collect data reliably and target the right people with the right ads. WhatsApp makes it easy to collect opt-ins and communicate directly with users instead of going through the big providers.


This makes you less dependent on new updates. With the consent of your users, you can communicate directly with them at any time.


And thanks to the conversational nature of WhatsApp, you can collect tons of data on a voluntary basis [consent is key 🔒]. For example, anyone who registers for the WhatsApp newsletter from underwear retailer SNOCKS is asked beforehand what content they are interested in and what type of news they would like to receive.


Thanks and Thomas from Chatmarks, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves :) 


To the full article (in German)



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