How MAGNA Atelier dramatically simplified its sales process using WhatsApp

Partnering with charles enabled MAGNA to use WhatsApp to guide potential customers through the purchase flow and better manage the after-sales process.


Florian Thumm, Co-Founder


Higher AOV for Chatouts vs. Checkouts


of total sales via WhatsApp


WhatsApp customer chats per month

MAGNA Atelier managed to shift more than a third of their online shop sales to WhatsApp, saving its customers and chat agents time and effort.

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Quality comes with a price. MAGNA’s lowest-priced furniture starts around €250 and goes up to a few thousand. At this price point, impulse purchases are a rarity. Instead, many customers expect a detailed consultation with a sales associate and the ability to request customisations.


Previously, these consultations used to be very time-intensive, both for MAGNA’s staff as well as the customers themselves. The email and phone back-and-forth took several days or sometimes weeks. MAGNA needed a simpler, more streamlined sales process.

chart-network Goals

MAGNA wanted to develop a new direct support channel that facilitated quick and hassle-free communication with customers, both before and after purchase. Customers needed quick answers to questions about materials, size customisation, and shipping. By lowering the barriers to purchase as much as possible and facilitating easy communication, MAGNA hoped to boost its sales as well as its customers’ satisfaction after purchase. 


  • Reduce time to checkout
  • Lower barrier for first contact
  • Increase after-purchase satisfaction

route Results

After less than a year of cooperation with Charles, WhatsApp had become an indispensable sales channel. 80% of purchases involved communication with the customer via WhatsApp before, during, or after the purchase. MAGNA’s website offers multiple entry points to initiate a WhatsApp conversation with the MAGNA team, who fielded five to ten high quality conversations per day with interested visitors. 


The results speak for themselves: fully 33% of MAGNA Atelier’s sales are initiated and completed on WhatsApp. Chat agents using WhatsApp are considerably faster and more efficient at their jobs, allowing them to process a higher volume of sales in the same amount of time. Also, customers don’t need to wait as long to receive answers to their questions and requests. 

edit How they did it:

Step 1: Strategically placed Chat-ins

Chat-ins on Website, Pop Ups, PDP

The strategy was simple: make it as easy as possible for a customer to initiate a WhatsApp chat. This was accomplished by placing Chat-ins in various prominent locations around the website—if a potential customer wanted to get in touch, a customer service rep was only a tap away. Though hard to overlook, the buttons and icons are designed to blend in with the appearance of MAGNA Atelier’s website, preserving its high-end feel.

Step 2: Use WhatsApp as the sales process


Once a user clicks the Chat-in and sends a message, MAGNA’s sales team takes over, and handles the request quickly with all the necessary attention to detail. The Sales team can make use of dynamically inserted images, videos, or even PDFs right in the chat, ensuring that users have no need to navigate back to the website.

Step 3: Personal & Proactive customer relationships

customer relationships

As the MAGNA team leads the user through the purchase process, they regularly follow up on Whatsapp and proactively approach customers after purchase to check up on them. From helping with the delivery process to handling out styling tips and tricks and even asking for photos of the product in action, they apply a personalised touch to each and every sale.

Result Stat-1
route Roadmap


Collect more high-quality opt-ins via Instagram, website and targeted ads.


Get into regular campaigning to nurture leads and transform them into customers


Make WhatsApp the number one channel to stay close to prospects and customers

MAGNA Atelier successfully established WhatsApp as the most convenient point of contact for potential customers. Via this close communication, the team has mastered to convert those conversations into sales. To further grow this revenue channel, the next step is to collect new opt-ins for WhatsApp campaigning.


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