You can now send non-transactional notifications on WhatsApp!

You can now send non-transactional notifications on WhatsApp! blog
At Charles, we understand that keeping your customers engaged is vital to the success of your business. Many businesses, like yours, have witnessed the benefits of using WhatsApp to communicate with customers and improve their customer service experience.
However, up until now, WhatsApp Business Policy only allowed businesses to proactively message their customers with transactional notifications. The good news is, from now on, the WhatsApp Business API is now allowing businesses to send promotional notifications to their customers.
With this new feature, businesses can re-engage with their existing customers by sending product recommendations and relevant offers based on previous purchases. And most importantly, you can drive up sales through sending back-in-stock alerts, cart abandonment reminders, time to reorder alerts, etc.

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However, please beware that obtaining your recipients' opt-ins is mandatory before you can send them any non-transactional notifications to your contacts. It is also recommended by WhatsApp that businesses should create different opt-ins for specific proactive notification messages, i.e. order tracking, or new product offering.If you want to get started with this feature and create highly effective opt-ins to start sending promotional notifications to your customers, you simply need to book a demo with us. 😊



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