HOW Every used whatsapp to Build a HEALTHY VEGAN LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY during veganuary

Every consumers could not only learn more about and look behind the newest Every products, but also received valuable information how to boost their health and happiness by adopting a vegan lifestyle

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Educating consumers on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and creating an engaged community through WhatsApp newsletters

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Every Foods is on a mission to bring wholesome, plant-based food to all consumers - as it offers multiple benefits for both people and the environment. While the brand typically saw a strong peak in sales throughout January, Every realised that they were missing out on a big opportunity to maximize their mission (and their January sales): Veganuary. January is broadly recognised as month of veganism (January + vegan = Veganuary).

This special month is for new and veteran vegans alike: from those who want to start the new year with a healthier diet and lifestyle to others familiar with veganism who are simply exploring what's new in the community. Every wanted to leverage Veganuary to build closer ties to new and existing customers and start building an engaged commmunity of fans around this theme and their products. The campaign had multiple purposes: education talking about the benefits of vegan lifestyle, engagement/entertainment like joint yoga classes, and commercial with new product launches.

chart-network Goals

Every's Veganuary campaign had multiple purposes:

1. To attract new and current customers with resources around the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Every's top priority was to collect opt-ins for their Veganuary campaign - leveraging the high levels of traffic and engagement they typically receive during the month of January.

2. Build an engaged community and expand awareness beyond email communication.

To build their community and maximize brand awareness, Every turned to Whatsapp as an additional marketing channel to complement traditional email communication. The brand aimed to use Whatsapp as a means of establishing a more personal connection with their community - using the channel to share news of special activities (like joint yoga classes).

3. Promote exclusive product launches.

In addition to sharing news about activities, Every aimed to use Whatsapp as a sales channel. To do so, the brand collaborated with the Veganuary association to launch select products, as well as curated packages and discounts via a separate landing page on their website. The goal here was to leverage Whatsapp to not only share these products and deals with customers, but also increase order frequency through the ease of chat.

route Results

Together with the Charles Customer Success team, Every Foods set up their WhatsApp marketing channel for its Veganuary campaign and received 300 orders from first-time customers over the month of January. WhatsApp proved to be an effective channel for Every to offer flexible customer communication preferences and customize the frequency of newsletter sendouts. Meanwhile, with less than 10 unsubscribes throughout the entire campaign, customers proved to be just as satisfied.

edit How they did it:

Chat-ins on Website, Instagram and Flyers

Chat-ins on Website, Instagram and Flyers Image

Every Foods promoted the Veganuary campaign via different channels: on their Instagram account, via a sign-up field visible to mobile website visitors, and via a QR Code on physical post-cards sent between Christmas and New Year.

Personalised and interactive sendouts

Personalised and interactive sendouts

Customers had the chance to select their preferred language as well as their preferred frequency of sendouts. Content would then be shared and updated based on the user’s selected preferences through quick reply buttons that adapt to each individual consumer's interests.

WhatsApp Newsletter

WhatsApp Newsletter

The campaign was launched on the 1st of January to more than 850 recipients, and over 15.000 messages were sent and received through WhatsApp by the end of the month.

Gather feedback & re-engage with the community

Post-campaign reengagement with community

After concluding the campaign, Every sent out a survey to each participating customer - the surveys were easily sent (and could be submitted by the customer directly) via Chat.

Result Stat
route Future steps


Every Foods will continue to use WhatsApp as their preferred channel for personalised conversations.


The brand will continue to ask customers for feedback around preferred content


Feedback will be used to build future special campaigns


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