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charles is a leading WhatsApp marketing platform focused on profitability – powered by your CRM events and fully automated.


New channel, new revenue, all automated.
WhatsApp doesn’t replace your CRM. It’s an addition that brings impressive results.

Synced with
your CRM

Crm use cases

Grow loyalty and revenue with WhatsApp: as in email, but more interactive and 2-way.

Birthday greetings

Everyone loves getting birthday messages 🥳 Set up automated ongoing birthday campaigns to subscribers.

Abandoned carts

Create FOMO and complete more sales with WhatsApp – cutting through noisy email inboxes 👀


Wake up sleeping customers with an automatic WhatsApp campaign – for example those who haven’t purchased in the last few months.

Back in stock alerts

Send customers the good news with a quick Whatsapp notification that leads straight to a prefilled cart.

Loyalty program

Reward customers for their loyalty – they actually want to hear from you in WhatsApp 💕

Wishlist alerts

Let customers know when there’s a positive change to an item on their wishlist.

in action

WhatsApp offers marketers a simple, immediate way to communicate with customers.

for revenue

Track your WhatsApp KPIs, report to management and optimize campaigns with our comprehensive analytics dashboard.

Start with WhatsApp marketing the profitable way

Want to join brands like ABOUT YOU, MediaMarkt and l'Occitane already making WhatsApp marketing a success? charles'  is a leading WhatsApp marketing platform, built to maximize your WhatsApp revenue and ROI.

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Will WhatsApp cannibalize my other marketing channels?

No. WhatsApp complements your other channels. As we said above, this is about sending the right message to the right person at the right time in the perfect way. With integrations like charles x Emarsys, you can easily do this – improving the customer journey and satisfication while reducing duplication and irritation.  

For example, use WhatsApp for exclusive, pre-sale campaigns and email for the bulk announcement.  
In fact, brands that add WhatsApp to email see a CLV uplift of 25% vs email only. 
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Can I make a profit in WhatsApp? Isn’t it expensive?

Yes, our customers make a return on campaign spend (ROCS) of around 8-10X on average. The profitability of WhatsApp marketing is unbeatable. This is largely because of the high visibility of WhatsApp notifications and the way it allows businesses to sit right beside people’s friends. Our Emarsys integration helps ensure profitability by allowing you to build targeted audiences for your WhatsApp campaigns using Emarsys' customer data. 

WhatsApp costs more than email initially – because Meta charges €0.07-0.10 per conversation, but the returns and engagement are far higher.   


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Is WhatsApp ready for enterprise?

Yes. Companies like us exist since 2019. Meta is investing heavily in WhatsApp for businesses. And in India and Brazil, WhatsApp is already a way of life for all consumers.

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What is WhatsApp CRM?

WhatsApp CRM integrates WhatsApp with customer relationship management tools – allowing businesses to enhance interactions and engagement with customers directly through WhatsApp.

How can I integrate WhatsApp with my CRM?

Integrating WhatsApp with your CRM can be simplified using platforms like charles, which offers tools and features specifically designed for this purpose. Check out our integration guide for more information.

Can I use WhatsApp API for CRM?

Yes, the WhatsApp API can be used for CRM to automate conversations, send notifications, and personalize customer interactions. charles provides access and integration support for the WhatsApp API.

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