How WhatsApp became woodboom's #1 revenue channel

Learn what levers the fast-growing furniture company pulled to shorten its sales cycle and increase conversion rates with love

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Sales in chat


Sales cycle shortening


In-Chat conversion

A conversation-centric success case in the furniture space with WhatsApp emerging as their #1 sales channel

edit Challenge

As a premium furniture company, woodboom's bestseller is a 1.500€ bed, a premium-priced product in need of explanation. Before buying, their customers asked an average of 7 questions, mostly via email. During this process that could easily take 2-4 weeks, many potential buyers got lost on the way and ended up choosing different, more accessible solutions. However, a strength of woodboom as a Berlin-based, family-owned business has always been the customer-centric style of communication and the ability to convince and win back customers in empathetic conversations. Nevertheless, email and website did not seem to be the appropriate channels to maintain these close connections over the long run.

chart-network Goals

Charles approached woodboom with its vision to merge conversation and conversion with love. We were confident, woodboom could bring marketing, sales and service to a new level via WhatsApp, delivering exceptional customer experiences while requiring less effort from the founders. Mischa and his team loved the idea of using their biggest strengths to grow their business in an empathetic way: This enabled them to scale the number of potential customers going into a consultation while maintaining the high service level without much additional effort.

route Results

WhatsApp finally enabled woodboom to make use of its unique ability to build lasting and valuable customer relationships. They reach their customers right in their daily habits and thus are able to cut their sales cycle to 2-4 days. At the same time, they were able to improve conversion rates by delivering exceptional service and timely replies. Eventually, WhatsApp became woodbooms #1 sales channel with over 70% of purchases initiated via chat.

edit How they did it:

Website Chat-Ins

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On woodboom’s website, they implemented “Chat-Ins”, buttons, bubbles and articles that lead customers into the chat. They are branded as the possibility to talk to the founder Mischa and ask him all questions that might appear.

Sales conversation in chat

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Customers are directly passed on into WhatsApp where woodboom’s agents are trained to sell their products on a very personal level. The main reason for abandoned carts is lack of information before making a decision, so employees are making sure that no question remains unanswered.

After Sales Service

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After a successful “Chatout”, order confirmations, tracking links and helpful information concerning the product are sent to the customers so they always has full transparency about his delivery.

Re-engage and build community


In the sales process, helpful information about the customer is stored in Charles’ customer widget. That way, agents can proactively reach out in a very personal atmosphere and really make a difference.



Woodboom unlocked the potential to scale further towards an end-to-end usage of WhatsApp. After the obvious success of the newsletter use case, the vision is a further rollout towards a commerce-driven solution with marketing, service and sales in chat.


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