How to plan a successful black week with ABOUT YOU


Marketers, you don't want to miss this one. Fashion giant, ABOUT YOU, is going to share its WhatsApp story and Black Friday strategy with you.  

Now valued at over €1 billion, our client ABOUT YOU is one of Europe's leading eCommerce brands. In 2023, it became one of the largest in Germany to start a WhatsApp marketing channel.


The company's Senior CRM Manager, Steffen Sieber, shares his learnings and experiences, both the positive and the less successful ones. He also gives valuable insights into ABOUT YOU's WhatsApp strategy for the upcoming months - including, obviously, Black Friday.


Steffen is joined by Maurizio Wagenhaus, ABOUT YOU's Customer Success Manager at charles, who answers all of the burning WhatsApp questions. 


This webinar is for CRM managers, email marketing leads, CMOs and founders who want to start boosting revenue with WhatsApp marketing ASAP, but are not sure where to start.  


Don't miss this chance to clear up your final questions about WhatsApp and learn how to hit the ground running for Black Friday 2023.

Learn how to:

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Add WhatsApp to your marketing stack quickly and easily

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Collect 1,000s of subscribers at a better cost

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Ensure quality leads who will have a low opt-out rate


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Set Black Friday KPIs in WhatsApp

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Avoid common pitfalls of this "new" channel 



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Steffen Sieber

Senior CRM Manager






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Maurizio Wagenhaus

Senior Customer Success Manager





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