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5 WhatsApp summer secrets:

How to keep your customers switched on while you switch off 🏝️




As thoughts of summer fill your customers' minds... how can you keep them engaged on their retention journey via WhatsApp?  💬📲🤩

Watch the webinar to learn best practice tips for how to use WhatsApp to boost your campaigns in 2023. We'll share the inside stories of how our clients use WhatsApp flows to keep customers engaged at all 5 stages of the client lifecycle.


All automated with charles. All with great results. 


Hear from our Product Marketing Manager, Grace, and our Customer Success Managers, Malte and Marthe, as they reveal how brands like Anita Hass, SNOCKS, Bears with Benefits and WRSTBHVR boost their CRM strategies, with minimal effort, with WhatsApp. We'll also show you around the charles platform and in particular, our conversation automation tool, Journeys


Join us and learn the secrets of WhatsApp automation this summer – so you can head off on your vacation knowing your customers are in good hands 💛

Learn how to:


Set up high-converting welcome flows

Group 1332015

Get your first WhatsApp purchase

Group 1332016

Reengage after first purchase

Group 1332018

Grow customer retention

Group 1332017

Create a high-performing referral program 




Marthe Bruhn

Customer Success 







Malte von Kaehne

Customer Success Associate






Grace Hemberg

Product Marketing Manager





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