BREAKING: WhatsApp Business hits 200 million monthly users [+ new features]

BREAKING: WhatsApp Business hits 200 million monthly users [+ new features] blog

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Meta has just announced that WhatsApp Business now reaches over 200 million active users every month. This further cements its place as an essential tool for any marketing team.


This is a huge leap from the 50 million in 2020. This development aligns with Meta's ongoing "year of efficiency," which has seen the introduction of many new features for users of the app.


As Mark Zuckerberg invests billions into the development of a metaverse, Meta is also finding innovative ways to generate revenue. One such method is through the use of WhatsApp.


Boost your channel with click-to-WhatsApp ads

WhatsApp Business users can now create “click-to-WhatsApp” ads, and they don't even need a Facebook account to do so. This feature makes it possible for sellers to create, buy, and publish ads for Facebook and Instagram right from the app.


Last year, Zuckerberg shared that these “click-to-WhatsApp” ads had exceeded an annual revenue run rate of $1.5 billion. This represents an impressive 80% year-on-year growth.


Engage customers through personalized messages

A new feature on WhatsApp Business allows businesses to automate sending personalized messages to their customers. While the pricing details are still under wraps, the feature promises to enable businesses to send different messages to different customer segments.


Engage customers through personalized messages

Image: WhatsApp


For instance, a seller can send a discount code to new customers with a purchase button. We see this feature as well with charles's journeys, which provides automation tools for WhatsApp, to send personalized messages to eCommerce customers.


Earn more from paid messaging

Meta has made some strategic moves to increase revenue from paid messaging on WhatsApp. Earlier this year, they announced changes in the pricing structure and messaging categories on WhatsApp. Now, these categories include utility, authentication, marketing, and user-initiated service conversations.


Read more about WhatsApp Business pricing categories here.


Zuckerberg stated in the Q1 2023 earnings call that click-to-message ads had reached a $10 billion revenue run rate. Additionally, the number of businesses using paid messaging on WhatsApp had grown by 40% quarter-over-quarter.


Make payments easier

WhatsApp has also been working hard to improve its payments feature. Recently, it introduced a function in Brazil that lets users make payments to merchants via the app. Singapore users received a similar feature a month later. Earlier this month, WhatsApp launched the channels feature, designed to enable broadcast conversations from different organizations.


They are also looking into ways to integrate payments into these channels. What's for example already possible with the WhatsApp Business API, is the integration with Shopify.


So, WhatsApp Business is growing and changing, providing small businesses with a variety of tools to reach and engage with their customers. With 200 million active users and counting, the sky's the limit for this app. 


Level up your WhatsApp Business with charles

So, while WhatsApp Business app is making strides, if you're an eCommerce founder or a marketing manager looking for a more advanced, personalized, and integrated solution, charles could be the way to go.


As a leading WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, charles offers a comprehensive suite tailored for your eCommerce needs. Features like campaigns, eCommerce integration, customer support, and automation are designed to streamline your customer interactions on WhatsApp.


Plus, with chat-ins, you can easily generate opt-ins and start building valuable customer relationships. And the best part? All of this comes in a simple, user-friendly package that effortlessly integrates with your existing systems. With charles, it's not just about reaching your customers; it's about engaging them in meaningful conversations that drive growth for your eCommerce business.


So, are you ready to level up your WhatsApp marketing? Choose charles, your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, and experience the difference.



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What is WhatsApp Business?

 WhatsApp Business is an application developed by Meta to cater to the needs of small businesses. It has a range of features designed to facilitate communication between businesses and their customers

What is click-to-WhatsApp ads feature?

 The click-to-WhatsApp ads feature allows WhatsApp Business users to create ads that, when clicked, direct the customer to a WhatsApp chat with the business.

How does WhatsApp Business's personalized messaging feature work?

 The personalized messaging feature allows businesses to automate the process of sending different messages to different customer segments. For instance, businesses can send discount codes to new customers.

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