Conversations with: new joiner Ryan, Ops and Culture Manager

Conversations with: new joiner Ryan, Ops and Culture Manager blog

By Maxine Hess

Writer | WhatsApp marketer | Creative

"Culture Manager" is a newish job role in People teams. But creating an irresistible culture is a huge reason people join companies – and want to stay. Which is why we just got 1 at charles. Welcome, Ryan, our new Arbeit Atmosphere Alchemist.


Ryan Morris
Operations and Culture Manager

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About you

Where are you from?

Witney, England


You in an emoji?



What’s 1 conversation that changed your life?

When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant. That’s was a pretty big life-changer. I handled it well though…


Is there 1 you wish you never had?

I try not to think about the could-have-wished-fors, there’s plenty of time for that once I’ve retired. So, naturally in a few years.


Proudest achievement in career?

People thanking me for prior parties I’ve planned. But mostly, when I’ve left companies in the past, the people either recommend me very highly or are super grateful and miss me very much. I guess it speaks to the culture impact that I had that i’m proud and happiest about. 


In life?

Having my son. And half-learning German. This is not so excellent to most other expats who speak English fluently as a second language, but to a native speaking Englishman it’s pretty nice. 


What do you do when you’re not here?

Spend time with family, play basketball, see friends and write a movie blog as well as brainstorm new stories for future projects.


Favorite Berlin restaurants?

Burgermeister, 1990, Barra


You x charles

Why did you want to join charles?

I felt like I could fit in well here and the culture is in a really positive place. We are in a really positive place a company too. Basically I thought there was a lot of opportunity here to make an impact with people and the culture. 


👉 Ryan in Copenhagen

demonstrating his infectious smile


How was the interview process?

Quick, smooth and thorough. 


What was the onboarding like?

It was far more elaborate and intricate than most other startup onboardings.

How do you feel after your first 2 months here? 

I feel welcomed and even more that I can make a difference here.

3 bits of advice for someone doing the same job as you? 

  1. Never underestimate your sensitivity: it's not often listed as a requirement or something that's appreciated openly, yet it's absolutely key for culture/office managers who have to influence an atmosphere and make themselves the heart of the office
  2. The only way to make a difference is by putting people first
  3. Honest connections will be the heart of your effort and therefore organisation


What’s your personal mission for your role in the next year?

I would like to learn more about what influences the culture, and thus performance, of a successful startup and look to instil some of these learnings with the charles team.


I think it’s super important as we grow to keep in mind that it’s the quality of our connections that will likely prove just as fruitful in the long run as strategy and so on.



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