charles at Netcomm, Italy: from WhatsApp analytics to human connections

charles at Netcomm, Italy: from WhatsApp analytics to human connections blog

By Maxine Hess

Writer | WhatsApp marketer | Creative

Our business expansion team flew to Netcomm Forum in Italy in Milan. We gave a masterclass, "How to make your first €1 million in WhatsApp," and learned that Italian businesses love WhatsApp analytics 💚🤍❤️



In our bid to take over get to know Italy, we're going to more Italian events. The latest was Netcomm Forum in Milan, Italy.


Our Italian expansion team, Olivia, Guillem, Elena and Antonio flew there from Berlin to host a booth, hold a masterclass and attend a gala dinner before the event.



Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 10.57.44Olivia, Antonio, Guillem and Elena at Netcomm Forum, spreading the world about charles and WhatsApp Business in Italy


What's Netcomm Forum?

Netcomm Forum is the biggest event in the Italian digital world. For the last 18 years, it has brought together leaders in the world of eCommerce, online communication and business digitalization.


Every year, 15,000 people attend Netcomm to "discover data, trends, technology and the most innovative success stories related to the digital evolution of retail."


charles masterclass: "How to make your first €1 million via WhatsApp"

Antonio, Success Manager and Olivia, Account Executive spoke on how to make your first €1 million in WhatsApp. You can see the 30-minute masterclass here: 



Watch the masterclass (in Italian but you can turn on English subtitles)



Italy and WhatsApp: what's the market like?



See some insights, observations and learnings from the event from Elena, Senior Business Development Representative (connect with Elena on LinkedIn):


Italians are interested in WhatsApp and charles

"We talked to so many people at Netcomm. There were queues of people waiting to speak with us. People were so curious to hear about charles. The feedback I got was that in Italy, people know about charles and really like our platform."


Businesses want WhatsApp analytics

"People find our platform feature rich and easy to use compared to our competitors. Many businesses said they found charles super complete, especially in terms of analytics and our reporting dashboard. In particular, people are very interested in our Google Analytics integration."


WhatsApp GDPR is a big charles USP

"Some businesses said they've used platforms from companies in other countries, like India, but they didn't feel safe in terms of data privacy. They were really interested in the fact we're based in the EU and have many GDPR features built in. 


Agencies want WhatsApp for clients

"There were so many marketing agencies at Netcomm. They were very excited about the potential of WhatsApp for their clients.


"Just like we've partnered with agencies like Mawave and Chatmarks in Germany, Italian agencies think partnering with a WhatsApp provider like us will be a powerful marketing tool for their clients.


"They say, 'We've noticed that WhatsApp Business really works and want to make it work for more clients.' They've found it's easier to make a sale in WhatsApp because you can persuade people more easily through personal, direct messages than in other channels like email.'


"They want to partner with companies like us and suggest some interesting use cases to their clients – who tend to start off with the free WhatsApp Business app. As the company grows, they look around for a partner for the WhatsApp Business Platform (API)."



Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 11.11.05The charles booth at Netcomm was busy from 8am until 6pm 😅


You can't beat human connections

"I loved having personal contact with people. I have a lot of video calls, but you can beat meeting people face to face. There's just a human connection you can't get online. I really enjoyed the chance to get to know our customers in person, dive deeper into our tool and hear what Italian businesses care about."



Want to come meet us in real life? Check out our upcoming events list, follow charles on LinkedIn or sign up to our WhatsApp Newschat for updates. You can always drop into our Berlin office for a coffee too, we'd love to see you 🤗 



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What is charles and how can it help my brand?

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