How Maniko drives its NPS and benefits from over 10x higher CTRs on WhatsApp

Learn more about the steps the fast-growing beauty brand took to personally connect with their customers, reactivate them and turn their service department into a profit center all in one place

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A retention-first success case in beauty with WhatsApp as their fastest-growing service & CRM channel

edit Challenge

Maniko developed a highly innovative product that takes on classic nail polishes. However, since their product uses a different approach than conventional solutions, they often get the same questions concerning their product, its application or returns. Answering them manually via Email takes time, effort and proved to be an entry barrier for new customers in the past. In addition, they had to inform customers about new collections via Email, a channel that is oversaturated and continues to show low conversion rates.

chart-network Goals

Charles approached Maniko because we thought that adding WhatsApp to their available channels could solve their most pressing issue: Not having a single point for customers to ask questions, engage with Maniko and reorder at the same time. We promised to help them significantly increase the value of customer interactions and thereby decreasing the barrier to re-order (increasing the CLV).

route Results

Maniko's customers can now chat with their nail experts to find out which nails suit them, get informed about new styles, or quickly re-order. Recurring questions can be automated, saving time and capacity of service agents for more sophisticated tasks. Service thus turns into a profit center not only dealing with problems and frustration but rather engaging customers and manifesting high retention rates. Especially fans of the brand love the easy & personal touch and even get their friends into contact with Maniko.

edit How they did it:

Chatins on Website and Flyers

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Maniko's customers find several touchpoints that guide them into chat and offer them a personal channel to answer their most pressing questions. On the website, Maniko implemented buttons on Product Detail Pages, the header or on the "Contact Us" page". In addition, many customers come into chat via flyers with QR codes that offer an application guide and get sent out with Maniko's products.

Automized service

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After scanning the QR Code, users are directly taken into chat where they can send a prewritten message. This message triggers an automated flow that sends out a video explaining the application. This decreases Maniko's service effort and opens the door for further conversation with the customer.

Opt-in generation

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After a successful service conversation, Maniko uses the excellent customer experience to generate opt-ins in a manually triggered flow. The opt-in is automatically booked and the customer is added to a campaigning list. Lists can be further segmented with the use of custom properties and tags so that customers are always provided with relevant content.

Re-engage and build community

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Maniko has established a recurring newsletter that announces new collections, designs and back-in-stock notifications. By setting up templates in the Charles Studio section, They make use of pictures/videos, links and buttons, unite them into templates and publish them to a selected audience.

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route Future steps


Scale the WhatsApp opt-in collection (e.g. through post-purchase flows)


Further establish Charles as a service tool and replace Zendesk


Enable easy and seamless reordering in chat with a simple text message

Maniko unlocked the potential to scale further towards an end-to-end usage of WhatsApp. After the obvious success of the newsletter use case, the vision is a further rollout towards a commerce-driven solution with marketing, service and sales in chat.

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