How to grow your WhatsApp audience fast before Black Friday [6 opt-in ideas]

How to grow your WhatsApp audience fast before Black Friday [6 opt-in ideas] blog

By Anil Söyünmez

WhatsApp marketing

Posted: September 01, 2023

Updated: April 23, 2024

Blessing Osadolor, Success Manager, works with some of Europe's leading brands every day to increase their success in WhatsApp. Here are her 6 tips to get 1,000s of customers into WhatsApp before Black Friday.


If you're an eCommerce brand looking for a competitive edge this Black Friday, WhatsApp marketing is the ideal solution.


Not only can you expect amazing open rates (90% on average), once a customer is with you on WhatsApp, they tend to stay. With a high relevance, low frequency strategy, it's easy to keep them interested in the long-term – which leads to stable revenue-generation for your brand, and less investment on attracting new customers. You'll also notice how your marketing campaigns will improve customer retention.


But, even if you have the best WhatsApp software on the market, there's one thing missing: phone numbers.


You can't do an amazing Black Friday WhatsApp campaign if you have no WhatsApp contacts.


Here's how to get 1,000s of customers into your channel fast in a GDPR-compliant way.


How big should you grow your WhatsApp audience for success? 

How many people should you get into your WhatsApp channel before Black Friday? It depends on your business but we would say you need at least 150-500 people. 50 would be too small a WhatsApp audience to be worth the cost.


There are many ways to invite and incentivize customers to grow your WhatsApp Business channel. At charles, they're called Chat-ins



Baro Cosmetics cover

Part of our job is helping our clients get more opt-ins so they can

generate more sales on big shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday



When should you get started?

You have until October to get started with WhatsApp and grow your channel. But you should start as soon as possible. 


Beforehand, make sure you make a clear strategy that:

  • Takes into account the following ways to get clients opted in
  • Ensures compliance with GDPR
  • Thinks about how you'll keep your audience engaged after Black Friday


After all, WhatsApp is a personal channel and if you only send discounts, you'll lose your customers quite quickly.


Here's where to focus your efforts on getting WhatsApp subscribers before Black Friday:


1. Convert email audience into Whatsapp audience

These people are your customers already. You have their email address, and they expect to hear from you.


Send an email saying, "Hey we're on WhatsApp now, come and say hi!" Add a link link to send them straight to chat.


Offer a discount or pre-access to offer a further incentive. It's important that you offer something in WhatsApp that they can't get in your email channel.


Set up an automated opt-in flow so you a) reduce your work and b) make sure you're GDPR compliant (more on that later).


2. Add a WhatsApp opt-in on your thank you page

Tie it together with delivery updates, which customers really appreciate having on WhatsAppp.


You can even consider replacing your email popup on your website with email – or change it depending on whether the customer in on mobile or web.


3. Put posters up in-store with QR codes leading to WhatsApp

Add a QR code and a discount on posters and flyers to get people into WhatsApp.


Put them near checkout and offer a receipt through WhatsApp. Get creative here to catch attention. This can be very effective because you then know a customer's location if they make a purchase with your in-store discount.


4. Add website popups and banners linked to WhatsApp

You could offer exclusive early drops for Black Friday for people who sign up for WhatsApp, for example.


5. Link social posts to WhatsApp

Post an Instagram story announcing that you're in WhatsApp and offer a discount or a competition when customers sign up for your WhatsApp messages.


6. Boost your paid ads and link to WhatsApp

With paid ads, you can target the right people. It could be existing customers or people who match your ideal customer profile (ICP). You can also use your Black Friday campaign creative for these.


And do this soon. The cost of paid ads goes astronomically high right before Black Friday and the holiday season. Now is the time to get people into chat and save ad spend.


How to grow your WhatsApp audience with GDPR-compliant opt-ins 

To be GDPR compliant in WhatsApp when growing your WhatsApp audience, you need a "double opt-in." This means you get a customer's consent twice to make sure they really want to hear from you on WhatsApp.


An example of a GDPR-compliant double-opt-in flow on WhatsApp is:

🔓 1st opt-in: A customer taps a chat bubble on a website asking if they want to receive marketing communications in WhatsApp. The customer types in their phone number, taps and a prewritten message appears on their phone that they then send to the brand, like: "Hey [company], yes I want your marketing communications in WhatsApp." 

🔒 2nd opt-in: The company then sends a second message saying, "Are you sure?" with YES and NO buttons. Only when a customer has clicked "YES" is the company legally allowed to send messages.


Ease your life with WhatsApp automation

Our clients use our Journeys feature to automate WhatsApp conversational flows on our easy-to-use open canvas.


This helps them:

  • Save time, effort and money
  • Ensure consistency of messaging
  • Reduce reliance on chat agents being on hand to answer queries
  • Automatically store tags to build customer information (for better targeting in future)
  • Ensure more tailored, personalized conversations for customers
  • Lead people to the right product without having to be at your desk
  • Be more approachable than using a chatbot – these are all WhatsApp messages you can write yourself – so for your customers it feels natural, on-brand and human.



journeys_blog_feature_imageIn Journeys, you can write WhatsApp messages, add call to action buttons, store automatic tags, lead customers to the right answer or product and more



WhatsApp automation is the most powerful feature of the WhatsApp Business API and our Journeys user interface makes it easy and fun for eCommerce brands to use.


Plus, we offer support to help our clients get the most out of it and analytics to measure success and continue optimizing.


WhatsApp automation can even manage the entire customer journey from lead to purchases to loyal customer. See our post on "How to convert leads to brand advocates with WhatsApp automation" to learn how it works.


So you can have all these flows working for you in the background, earning you money, while you work on other things.


And it's the simplest, most stress-free way to grow your WhatsApp audience fast.


To find out more about our WhatsApp automation solution, get in touch.


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