How SNOCKS pioneered newsletter marketing via WhatsApp

Learn how the rising eCom fashion company leveraged WhatsApp's possibilities to get their customers into chat and let them stay in contact with the brand

johannes from snocks.

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Opening Rate vs Email


value of Whatsapp sendout vs Email


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A newsletter-centric success case using A/B Testing of Exit-Intent Popups and proving the value of WhatsApp vs. Email

edit Challenge

SNOCKS is a vibrant and fast-growing brand that reaches a quickly growing number of customers with its simple yet successful value proposition: Selling reliable and comfortable basics, socks and underwear. The two founders Johannes and Felix are actively shaping the brand via various social media channels making SNOCKS a well-known fashion startup in Germany. In addition, using Shopify and Klaviyo, SNOCKS has managed to build a quite significant community and newsletter subscriber base over the course of the past years.
However, they perceived it as increasingly difficult to reach, engage and reactivate those customers through the traditional channels. Getting high opening rates in email and thereby the chance to create active and engaging relationships with retention-potential became increasingly difficult.

chart-network Goals

Charles and SNOCKS set out to explore WhatsApp as a flourishing opportunity to tackle the issues they had with a high degree of flexibility. On the one hand, Charles enabled them to try out the channel WhatsApp and prove its value quickly in the short term by testing exit-intent popups for an opt-in generation.
On the other hand, there was also the opportunity to scale quickly and use the unlocked channel for many other use cases, including an E2E coverage of SNOCKS customer journeys.

route Results

Together with the ongoing support of Charles' customer success team, SNOCKS was quickly able to prove why WhatsApp is considered to be the sales, service and marketing channel of the future. After a smooth onboarding process and structured agent training, the exit-intent opt-in Flow was established and quickly proved the value of WhatsApp.
Opening and conversion rates of SNOCKS’ newsletters jumped by almost 150% compared to Email already for the first campaigns and customers loved the frictionless interaction of website and chat apps.

edit How they did it:

Exit Intent Popups

Frame 2571

An “exit-intent”-popup offers a special discount to customers that are about to leave a page or take a longer time to decide. SNOCKS ran an A/B-Test between two popups: The first one offers a 10% discount if customers sign up for the WhatsApp newsletter, the second one a similar deal for Email.

Get opt-in in chat

dFrame 2568

For the WhatsApp popup, a single click takes mobile users into chat and lets them directly sign up for the newsletter. Smart Automization of the opt-in flow minimizes the need for monitoring.

Send out code

Frame 2569

Immediately after signing up, the customer receives the desired discount code, and is signed up for future notifications that can be set up in Charles’ Studio section. In addition, he receives a link to SNOCKS’ website, where he can directly redeem the code. The hereby generated revenue is trackable via UTM links.

Results WhatsApp vs Email

Frame 2570

Group 7190

route Future steps


Scale the WhatsApp opt-in collection (e.g. through post-purchase flows)


Further establish Charles as a service tool and replace Zendesk


Enable easy and seamless reordering in chat with a simple text message

SNOCKS unlocked the potential to scale further towards an end-to-end usage of WhatsApp. After the obvious success of the newsletter use case, the vision is a further rollout towards a commerce-driven solution with marketing, service and sales in chat.


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