How HOLY Energy tenfolded its revenue by launching an exclusive new flavor

Learn how the ambitious young energy drink company managed to create a hype and get enthusiastic customers to sign up for their newsletter

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A marketing-centric use case with Conversational Commerce as the key to new dimensions of customer engagement.

edit Challenge

Even as a young company, HOLY Energy already experienced that existing DTC playbooks show decreasing efficiency, CAC are rising quickly and thus the importance of retention and community-building is growing. Especially for HOLY's target group in Generation Y and Z, recurring communication on a personal level is crucial, an aspect that can hardly be achieved via traditional channels like Email.

chart-network Goals

HOLY wanted to reach their customers right within their daily habits and exactly where their friends are. From the beginning, the goal was to deliver very personal service and community-building via WhatsApp and Instagram. In cooperation with Charles' customer success team, the goals were extended towards a commercial activation of this community. HOLY now planned to build up a newsletter subscriber base and create an excited and engaged audience all around new product launches and other campaigns.

route Results

HOLY decided for a big push in relation with the launch of a new flavor. They exceeded their expectations of creating excitement and engagement and managed to increase several KPIs drastically. Almost doubling the amount of subscribers and multiplying their previous records of orders and revenue on one day, the flavour launch was a full success. Customers loved the feeling of personal connection to the brand and were willing to pay for this.

edit How they did it:

Website Chat-Ins

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HOLY Energy created a huge hype around their upcoming flavor launch using various social media channels and newsletter formats. The promise to get yearly access to the product attracted many of their loyal customers that also engaged their friends.

Get opt-in in chat

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In Chat, HOLY put a focus on collecting Opt-Ins. Through creating artificial scarcity, sign up rates were really high and they were quickly able to grow their subscriber base to around 600 customers.

Send out code

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HOLY then set up a campaign that contained a password and a link to their exclusive online store for this launch.

Re-engage and build comunity

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Immediately after signing up, the customer receives the desired discount and is signed up for future notifications that can be set up in Charles Studio section.


route Future steps


Scale the WhatsApp opt-in collection (e.g. through post-purchase flows)


Further establish Charles as a service tool and replace Zendesk


Enable easy and seamless reordering in chat with a simple text message

HOLY Energy unlocked the potential to scale further towards an end-to-end usage of WhatsApp. After the obvious success of the newsletter use case, the vision is a further rollout towards a commerce-driven solution with marketing, service and sales in chat.

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