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Your 10-min Guide to Conversational Commerce

Your 10-min Guide to Conversational Commerce

Why are businesses starting to chat with customers on WhatsApp – and should you start there too?

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How to use WhatsApp retargeting: your New Year's guide

"If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again:" a common phrase we say to children to help them keep going. Well, it's for grown-ups too, especially those working on WhatsApp marketing campaigns. It even has a name: WhatsApp retargeting or remarketing.


WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Take a look around. You’ll probably see many of the people around you looking down at their mobile phone. What are the chances they’re using WhatsApp? The likelihood is very high, actually. 🤓


How to humanize WhatsApp chatbots in 4 steps

Chatbots cause quite a bit of debate in the ecommerce world. On one hand they're always there when you need them. On the other, done wrong they can end up damaging your brand. Here's our guide to getting the balance right between automation and humanization.


Conversational commerce: the ultimate guide

In 2022, it's become tougher than ever to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Given the swathes of seemingly identical products and services, how can a company truly stand out? Two words: conversational commerce.

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