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The 10 min guide to <strong>Conversational Commerce</strong>

The 10 min guide to Conversational Commerce

Everything you need to know what it needs to build a succesfull new Sales Channel. Conveersational Commerce in Chat.


Say "hello" 👋 to your customers on Instagram

Charles, a self-proclaimed ‘conversational commerce’ tool, is launching from Berlin today with €1 million in funding. The software enables merchants and consumer brands to sell products via WhatsApp and other chat apps. Investors include business angels such as Tarek Müller (CEO AboutYou) and Alexander Graf (CEO Spryker Systems, Kassenzone).


You can now send non-transactional notifications on WhatsApp!

At Charles, we understand that keeping your customers engaged is vital to the success of your business. Many businesses, like yours, have witnessed the benefits of using WhatsApp to communicate with customers and improve their customer service experience.

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