C-Com guide - Aug 6th 2021

The 10 min guide to Conversational Commerce


The power of a conversation.

By reading this document you’ll explore the cCom space and its key building blocks so your business can establish a new sales channel and achieve its customer communication goals such as higher conversion, higher retention and more personalized customer relationships.

We believe that “traffic” will exponentially move from retail and browsers into chat apps. A world where cCom is the 3rd big pillar of commerce, gluing together all channels and unlocking the full potential of personalization via unique identification of customers via their phone number. This creates tremendous challenges and opportunities for companies in terms of customer journey design and its implications in their techrecognized the massive demand there is in the B2B-market and decided to pivot into building the software ourselves. Our first core feature enables a seamless checkout within chat. We call it chatout!” Andreas Tussing, co-founder at Char

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