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What can WhatsApp can do for your business? And what is conversational commerce anyway? Find out more in our blog.

The charles Guide to Conversational Commerce

The charles Guide to Conversational Commerce

Why is WhatsApp good for business and how do you get started?

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Smash Black Friday with WhatsApp: how to get ready in time

  Feeling the WhatsApp FOMO? Wish you could use chat for your Black Friday 2022 marketing campaign? Want some good news? You can do it if you push now. 

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We love you DMEXCO!

  We've just come back from DMEXCO 2022 in Cologne and are still buzzing. New people, new innovations, new conversations. Here are some things we learned about the market for conversational commerce and what brands are looking for.  

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Shopify Integration with WhatsApp: It's Here and You Need It

Losing customers on the way to the checkout? With WhatsApp integration for online shops like Shopify and WooCommerce, you keep the full customer journey in chat: from question to credit card. Here's how it works it and how much it costs.


Never Leave Chatbots Alone: Your Guide to WhatsApp Bots in 4 Easy Steps

When was the last time you interacted with a bot? Our guess: Quite recently! Whether it’s asking Siri to tell you the time or checking the shipping status of the product you ordered, chatbots are everywhere. And with communication via messenger apps on the rise, WhatsApp Bots have become essential for businesses to provide the type of customer service they need to succeed. 


5 Functionalities to Make the Most of the WhatsApp Business API

Medium and large companies wanting to unlock the power of conversation with customers have a powerful tool at their disposal: the WhatsApp Business API. A user interface like charles helps you use it and adds value. So you can go beyond everyday chat and build strong communities, drive engagement and send out highly relevant newsletters that enjoy a 10x higher open rate than emails.


The Power of Conversational Commerce: Definition & Ultimate Guide

In 2022, it has become tougher to differentiate your brand from your competitors than ever before. Given the sea of options of seemingly identical products and services, how can a company truly stand out? Ideally in a way that engages existing customers and turns prospects into loyal clients? That’s where conversational commerce comes in.

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6 Do's and 1 Definitely Don't of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing, conversational commerce (cCom), chatting to customers with WhatsApp messages, whatever you like to call it, it's big and getting bigger. Here are our top tips to start chatting in WhatsApp while keeping your brand essence (and your customers).


Say Hello to Your Customers in WhatsApp

charles the "conversational commerce" tool launches in Berlin today with €1 million in funding. The software enables merchants and consumer brands to sell products via WhatsApp and other chat apps. 


You Can Now Send Non-transactional Messages on WhatsApp!

At charles, we understand that keeping customers engaged is vital to the success of your business. Many businesses like yours have seen the power of using WhatsApp to do this. And now you can do even more than just communicate. 

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