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The charles Guide to Conversational Commerce

The charles Guide to Conversational Commerce

Why is WhatsApp good for business and how do you get started?

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Digital detox: how WhatsApp helps business cut down on screen time

Digital may be in our DNA, but actually we want to cut the time people spend looking at screens. For simpler lives, calmer minds, greater connection with the world. Here's how we're doing this for brands, customers and our team alike.  

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Conversations with: new joiners Marthe and Pascal

Meet our next round of new recruits! 10 new joiners did 3 days of onboarding last week, and we spoke with 2 of them: Marthe, Client Success Manager, and Pascal, Enterprise Account Executive.    


Is your business right for WhatsApp software?

So, 2023 is the year you start intermittent fasting, stop checking Instagram in bed and open a WhatsApp shop. Can you do it alone or do you need software like charles? Ilaria Carofiglio checks if you're a match.  

Conversational Commerce

Selling in WhatsApp shops: how to open one and succeed

Ready to open a WhatsApp shop? Where do you start and how do you make sure it's a success for your ecommerce business? Read on for answers and top tips on selling and marketing in WhatsApp.

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Conversations with: new joiners Ebony and Daniel

New year, new people! Meet Ebony, Senior Marketing and Community Manager and Daniel, Software Engineer and find out their 1 life-changing conversation, favorite Berlin restaurants and top career advice.   

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Safe from spam: what WhatsApp can learn from mindfulness

Are you a digital marketer with a more, more, MORE approach to marketing? Please make 2023 the year you take the foot off the pedal. It's the right thing to do, especially as you move to more personal channels like WhatsApp.   

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How to integrate your website with WhatsApp

We’ve put together an easy guide to help you integrate WhatsApp onto your business’ website, boosting sales and engagement by allowing your customers to start chatting with a single click. 

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WhatsApp x charles: your questions answered

In our recent "Road to €1 million" webinar with SNOCKS, we had so many questions we ran out of time to answer them all. So we've done it for you now. There should be some business takeaways in there for you, even if you missed the webinar.  

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wtf: should you swear with customers in WhatsApp?

As brands start chatting on WhatsApp, most start becoming more casual in their tone of voice. Which raises the big question: can you start swearing with your customers?   TLDR: Yes and no, but mostly no.   

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Why WhatsApp spam won't come to Europe

With a rise in unwanted WhatsApp messages being received by consumers in India, you may be wondering if this issue will also arrive here in Europe. It won't though. Here's why.  

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How to use WhatsApp retargeting: your New Year's guide

"If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again:" a common phrase we say to children to help them keep going. Well, it's for grown-ups too, especially those working on WhatsApp marketing campaigns. It even has a name: WhatsApp retargeting or remarketing.


WhatsApp marketing strategy: 6 steps to sold

Take a look around. You’ll probably see many of the people around you looking down at their mobile phone. What are the chances they’re using WhatsApp? The likelihood is very high, actually. 🤓

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11 things you need in WhatsApp Business software

In love with the WhatsApp Business app? Didn't think so. It's useful, but brands looking to scale quickly realize they need to invest in specialized WhatsApp Business software. Before you hand over the €: make sure you check off this list of must-haves.  

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Why WhatsApp Business for Black Friday 2022?

No drowning in a sea of flashy emails this Black Friday. This year, it's time to finally start chatting directly and personally with your customers in WhatsApp. There's still time to get ready, with onboarding possible in as little as 2 days.

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5 ideas for WhatsApp campaigns on Black Friday

You're WhatsApp ready, and you know the secrets of WhatsApp success? Now you need an eyeball-stopping campaign. Here are some ideas to make your audience go 🤩 and your ROI go 💥 from our Chief Creative Officer, Etienne Kiefer.   

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5 secrets of WhatsApp success for Black Friday

Got your brand WhatsApp ready for Black Friday? How do you get the best out of your new channel? charles UK Customer Success Manager, Blessing Osadolor, shares her top 5 secrets of WhatsApp success.   

WhatsApp Marketing

Top 5 reasons for WhatsApp marketing

We 💛 it when other people write great content for us. Thanks to for this article and for the shout outs to us and our clients SNOCKS, Woodboom and PURELEI. 

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5 steps to get WhatsApp ready for Black Friday

Trying to make emails and ads that stand out Black Friday? Feeling like it's a losing battle? Our top tip: get 90% open rates in WhatsApp instead. Start now and you can easily be ready by November 25 🏃

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We loved meeting you at DMEXCO!

We've just come back from DMEXCO 2022 in Cologne and are still buzzing. New people, new innovations, new conversations. Here are some things we learned about the market for conversational commerce and what brands are looking for.  

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Shopify integration with WhatsApp: how does it work?

Losing customers on the way to the checkout? With WhatsApp integration for online shops like Shopify and WooCommerce, you keep the full customer journey in chat: from question to credit card. Here's how it works it and how much it costs.


How to humanize WhatsApp chatbots in 4 steps

Chatbots cause quite a bit of debate in the ecommerce world. On one hand they're always there when you need them. On the other, done wrong they can end up damaging your brand. Here's our guide to getting the balance right between automation and humanization.


Conversational commerce: the ultimate guide

In 2022, it's become tougher than ever to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Given the swathes of seemingly identical products and services, how can a company truly stand out? Two words: conversational commerce.

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6 do's and 1 definitely don't of WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing, conversational commerce (cCom), chatting to customers with WhatsApp messages, whatever you like to call it, it's big and getting bigger. Here are our top tips to start chatting in WhatsApp while keeping your brand essence (and your customers).


Say hey to your customers in WhatsApp

charles the "conversational commerce" tool launches in Berlin today with €1 million in funding. The software enables merchants and consumer brands to sell products via WhatsApp and other chat apps. 


You can now promote your business on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp has proved to be an amazing channel for answering customers questions and helping with deliveries. Now you can send promotional messages there too! Which opens up a whole new world of revenue for brands.

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